Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Breville Blend Active - my go-to smoothie maker

I'm obsessed with my smoothie maker*. It actually gives me much joy to use this contraption every day to make my daily smoothie breakfasts and I even got my aunty joining me in the world of blended fruit and vegetables. Everyone in my current office now knows me as that girl that brings in the slimey green juices everyday.

I came across the Breville Blend Active when my sister and I were looking for something cheap my mum and I could use whilst in Nigeria to stay healthy. My mum had fallen in love with blended Soursop (fruit) whilst we were in Grenada on holiday two years ago and so every morning she has it for breakfast. I make a variety of Kale or Spinach smoothies so this was a great kitchen appliance to have in the house. 


Friday, 22 April 2016

The (Almost) Free Way to Exercise and Keep Fit

Having moved away from my relative comfort and monthly gym membership at Lifestyle Fitness in Manchester, I felt a little glum about fitness. I wanted to join a gym in Lagos but found them to either be lacking of what I would have liked in a gym (equipment + classes) and/or just too expensive to justify. As I am trying to save for Fikki and I's trip to Ibiza later this year, I decided I would make do without the gym and try and get my results. In a month, I have lost 1kg. Although not spectacular, it has been a good start and let's me know that my methods are working coupled with healthy eating, of course. 

 So these are ways in which I have exercised in the comfort of my home. Please remember I am no expert and these are just tried and tested methods of getting off your feet and loosing the kgs. If you ever are like me, stuck without the gym, the below will work well.
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