Monday, 13 December 2010


Finally, classes have come to an end for me. this means its officially the holidays! No more lectures for 2/3 weeks. This Christmas, my family and I are off to Nigeria for awhile. Its kinda become a tradition and I don't seem to understand the concept of a snowy, cold Christmas. Bring on the hot lovely sun. I can't wait!

Jeans/H&M, Shoes/Primark, Jumper/Reclaimed from my mum

The picture above is what i wore to a concert yesterday with my friend Henry at the Royal Northern College of Music. We were there to see Everything Everything, an indie rock/art rock band (according to wikipedia) play their whole album with an Ensemble (orchestra). It was and will be for awhile the best gig i have been to along time. The lead singer has this high falsetto voice which does not falter one bit. Every song on their album is quite different which meant that there was no point where i was bored and i was captivated for their whole set.

Heres a little taste of Everything Everything if you're into that sort of thing. enjoy :)

Lola xx

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Desk Job Fridays

I love Fridays!

Not only because it is the beginning of the weekend but also because it is the only weekday that doesn't involve me standing on my feet for hours on end.

On Fridays I spend no more than 5 minutes standing at any one time (5 minutes to and from the car).

So today I took advantage of this and put on my blue suede heels!

Dress/Vintage; Tweed Jacket/H&M; Shoes/eBAY


Monday, 6 December 2010

All work and no play...

Its been so long since I blogged that I think I may have forgotten how to.
But after Lola revived our blog with her most recent post, I thought it would be a shame if I didn't do the same.

This is the outfit I managed to put together at the early hours of 6:30am and I didn't even plan it the night before (which I sometimes have to do since I am such an indecisive person).

The long days (8am till 5pm) at the hospital are starting to take its toll on my life and I totally cannot wait for the holidays. Bring on turkey times and 2 weeks without patients!!!!

Top/Primark, Culottes/Cow Vintage, Shoes/Topshop


Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Never Get This Excited About Christmas

Every year, i grumble about Christmas and how terrible the whole shenanigan is. There is nothing that captures me or warms me up when it comes to this holiday. I open presents as soon as i get them, i don't have a me its just another day. This year i pledge to get more excited, to buy a tree and to never open up any presents till the actual day! I already have an advent calender (yum!). Lets see if i can complete this.

Shirt/Cow Vintage, Skirt/H&M

Lola x

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lanvin Loves H&M!

Finally, the much talked about lanvin collection was unveiled this morning online and i rushed to take a look at the video after a massive reminder on my facebook page by a friend.
It was all about colourful one sholdered dresses, floral pieces and layered dresses for women and i was very impressed by that.
Mens wear seemed to be classics with a twist. with bow ties and suits, Alber Elbaz has really put his stamp on this.

From the video, my favourite so far are:

And if you havent seen the video, click on the link below!

And.....for the full galley of the collection visit: Vogue

Lola xx

A message from Fikki:

Out of pure excitement for this collection, I decided to cut my day in hospital in half so that I could finally have a look at this collection. I originally planned to spend at least an hour deciding what to buy from this collection but after looking at the prices, this hour was cut to 1 minute.

£124 for a dress! I couldn't believe my eyes! I have to say that I wouldn't be so disappointed about the prices if the quality was to match. I cannot deny that I am a fan of the design of many of the items (in particular the purple asymmetric dress and the sheer jacket) but I would expect a higher quality of fabric at finishing at those costs especially when the product has a major fashion house attached to it.

I suppose the internet may be a bit deceiving but from looking at a few close-up shots of certain items, I might as well go on a shopping haul in Primark and get 10 dresses of what looks to me as equal quality. I hope that when I finally head to H&M in two weeks what I feel and try on meets up to the high expectations I originally had for this collection.

So my verdict so far is undecided as to whether I love Lavin loves H&M and I hope November 23rd will help me come to a conclusion.

And my verdict on the accessories is that they are definitely not to my aesthetic.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

D.I.Y.D.S. shorts


Leather shorts, Suede shorts, Denim shorts etc...
After having recurrent dreams about short varieties, I took it as a sign that I needed all 3 types of shorts ASAP.

But with only £20 (enough money for half a short), I needed to come up with a creative way of turning half a short into three.

This meant a visit to my trusty friends Ebay and Cow Manchester (vintage shop).

But after a difficult day scouring the vintage shops of Manchester's Northern Quarter, I returned with £15 and a belly full of snacks.

Luckily, yet again, Ebay saved the day and the evening ended with the prospect of leather and suede trousers on the way and £7 leftover. Bargain!

Here is the equation for what happened next:

All that is left to do is stitch the hems on them and they are ready to wear. Totally cannot wait to wear either of these. The fit of the suede pair is to die for.

The plan is to try to recreate looks like these...

Wish me luck!




Friday, 15 October 2010

My Blue Heaven

After days of constant working, decided to go out and this is what i wore.

Shirt/Primark, Leggings/Primark, Wedges/Next

Lola xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Rare Weekend Getaway

So last weekend, my boyfriend's family invited me to come along with them on a weekend trip to Center parcs. For those who don't know, this is like a holiday village in a secluded forest outside Penrith, England. It was so beautiful especially as i got a break from computers and TV for 3 days. I am now paying for it with the mountain of work i have!
On the saturday, I had a relaxing 3 hours in a spa. They had different sauna treatments from around the world including polonese and japanese. As the weekend was based around different activites, i spent the weekend in slacks and jeans.
However, on saturday night i did get to dress up and this is what i wore:

Shirt/COW Vintage, Skirt/H&M, Shoes/Primark

Picture was taken by my boyf sister who looked very pretty as well.

Lola xx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Shambles of a Finale...

Live Finales and Modelling seems to be a bad combination and it seems like Tyra is the only person in the Next Top Model franchise to realise this

Last week saw Australia's Next Top Model's Host, Sarah Murdoch, announce the wrong winner which must have been devastating to Kelsey, the official runner-up.I do not understand how the crew could have made a debacle of such a simple task in the age of Eurovision, Xfactor, Pop Idol etc.

However this week's finale was ony a slight improvement. Although cast and crew of BNTM (Britain's Next Top Model) managed to succeed in announcing the correct winner, the 90 minute finale was brain numbing.

The judges seemed to have a vocabulary of ten words between them and the presenter Dave Berry asked the most uncreative questions of 'How do you feel' and 'Are you nervous' which he later apologised for.

The highlight of the show was Julien Macdonald and his new hair cut, who seemed to have had a personality transplant since the show was filmed. His tone changed from 'Alisha you look like a man in drag' to praising her throughout the finale. I personally believe he was sipping on more than H2O that night.

Apart from that saving fact, the finale was a let down considering how much of an improvement this season was from the previous ones. I hope to see Elle Macpherson hosting the show next season as she and her connections were the reason this was the best season yet.

Here are a few shots of the winner, Tiffany Pisani, who in my opinion deserved the prize. Its a shame that winners from these shows are more likely to make the cover of Nuts than Vogue.

The final photo with George Lamb is by far my favourite. And if you missed the clip of the Australia's Next Top Model finale, here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Its Been So Long!

We've been off the blogosphere for quite abit now, a whole month! Profound apologies all round. We have been very busy being back in University with work work work. 3rd year is a very important year for us and it has been hard adjusting and juggling all our commitments. But now, we are back for good!

Last week, i celebrated my 21st birthday! I had a lovely birthday dinner at the Renaissance hotel in Manchester. It was beautiful. Good food and the company of all my lovely friends. My dress for the night was a birthday present from Fikki and my other flatmates from H&M. Unfortunately as I was a stress head all night trying to organise the day, i did not take a proper picture of myself in the dress. So here's a picture that I thought encapsulates the beauty of the dress.

My birthday was cake filled even though i don't like cake (wierd i know) but i loved looking at the pretty cakes. These are the cakes i had made for me. The first was made by a cake shop in Manchester. I had to travel out of my way to pick it up but it was worth it. The 2nd was made my friend, Laura as a lovely surprise.

Also a BIG thank you to StylishedForever and Through My Aiz for the blog awards! You guys are amazing. Do check out their beautiful blogs :)

Lola xx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Finally on the bandwagon!

The obsession with THE vintage Moschino Belt is a trend that hit the blogosphere hard the 09/10 transition and for a long time I searched high and low for one.

I asked my mum and aunties whether or not they had any belts from the 80s lurking in the back of their closets with the hope of finding this belt. NO success! One of my mum's friends said she had one but gave it away years ago and this nearly had me in tears.

I spent hours on eBay UK and US searching for this belt and even though I found a few they were either too expensive, too small or too big (at that time I was too exhausted to realise i could just make new holes).

I tried virtually every vintage store in Manchester and found nothing. Whilst in Turkey I even resorted to searching the markets for a replica. Unfortunately the stores were more interested in stocking knock-off chanels and louis' to bother about replicating a belt from over 40 seasons ago.

Luckily I didn't give up. I stuck with my never-faltering eBay and found it. However it was not from the UK or US site. With the help of my A-level french skills and Google translator, I managed to score a belt from eBay France. God bless the French!

The moment it arrived, I ran down to the nearest shoe repair shop and got more holes punched into it.

Belt: Vintage Moschino from eBay
Trousers: Vintage
Shirt: Vintage (it looks so much better when fully buttoned up)


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I had no problems with 2D :-(

The world has officially gone 3D crazy. It seems that every form of media comes in a 3D format from cinema to TV to who knows maybe even radio someday (I would love to see them try). I personally had no problems with 2D.

It was nice to go to the cinema and not have to wear these silly things on your head for a film thats over 2 hours long. You leave the film with not only an interesting storyline but with a banging headache. I feel lucky that I haven't had to to sit in one of the front rows with these glasses but the time will surely come.

And now the craze has made its way to Vogue! Oh why?!?

The September issue of Vogue Italia has a cover and 22 page editorial is 3D. This is the first Vogue Italia cover for Australian Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr (and her cute dog Frankie) and it was photographed by the legend that is Steven Meisel.

There is no doubt that this is a milestone in the fashion magazine industry but I have to say I am not too keen on the fact 3D is everywhere. The magazine even comes with a special pair of 3D glasses so you can. The time may come when we all have to permanently carry around a special pair of 3D glasses to view anything.

Here are some of the images from the photoshoot. Its a 22 page editorial so this is only a selection of the images. The rest can be seen via this link: Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia - September Issue


As much as I complain about 3D I cannot deny how gorgeous this editorial is. The photographer captured the essence of Miranda's beauty and I am curious to see how the shots look in 3D. I love the editorial but I think it would have been just as effective and beautiful in 2D.

But what do you guys think? 3D OR 2D VOGUE.

I have to say that although I hate 3D and love this editorial, Im torn!

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