Sunday, 30 May 2010

I See A Little Bit Of Sunshine....Maybe.

Exams are over (well not for Lola and most of the University of Manchester) and the summer is officially round the corner. So to celebrate the return of sunshine into our lives, we decided to head out to the shops so we could update our summer wardrobes...Think summer work placements and holidays in the sun...

Totally in love with Lola's dress from Primark (the holy grail). This dress is bang on trend with the Miu Miu inspiration. This brand seems to be everywhere on this blog lately. It like the whole world has gone Miu Miu crazy! The earrings and belt are vintage buys. The shoes were bought in a random shop in Manchester that we wouldn't have discovered without the help of our lovely house-mate.

The shirt and trousers were acquired during my 'post-exams pick-me-up shopping trip'. After spending hours thrifting in Manchester, I found this shirt in Retro Rehab, which is perfect for my hospital summer placement. All the buttons are at the back so putting it on is a bit of a nightmare but when a shirt is that cute, who cares?!? The trousers are from Zara and mixes the utility and hareem trends perfectly.

After seeing Lola's Primark peg leg trousers, I ran back to the shops and had to buy one for myself too. The paper bag waist and the beige colour make these trousers amazing for her summer placement in the Foreign Office. The blazer was acquired today from our housemate who was going to give it away to charity. Sorry Oxfam but this was just too cute to give away!

When I bought this outfit (dress and shoes from Primark) I was totally thinking of the sun so the sunshine had better make its way to Manchester quickly so I can wear this outfit whilst having a few drinks on the terrace of a bar.


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  1. Hi honey...
    Thanks for the visit... i liked! <3

    Great blog...
    Follow me too?

  2. YOu guys look awesome! loving the dresses!

  3. i really love your blog and your style!

  4. Love that miumiu inspired dress...hopefully its in the primark stores here in germany as well.

    and love that blue blouse the color fits you perfectly and I like the bow.



  5. i love that white dress, very miu miu-esque! and the blue shirt is gorgeous! both of you look very lovely ♥

  6. I have no Primark here! Arr*** This is sooo sad because I've fallen in love with the swallow dress right now!!! Looks so lovely and I NEED IT!!!

    Have a nice day =)

  7. I NEED those Primark peglegs in my life!! What section are they in and how much for??



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