Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dress Of Too Many Colors?

So, Every once in a while my mum would get our seamstress in Nigeria to sew my sister and i something nice. Its always fun to see what she comes up with. Howeeeever, i was presented with this dress. My sister and i had a good 'ol laugh. I'm not too keen on it. I like the print but the style is just omg too much. I was thinking of taking off the sleeves, in fact changing the whole top half of the dress. That is when i get my sewing machine. should i just leave it as is? or just throw it away? All opinions welcome :)

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Lola xx


  1. Lola, I actually really like it. I like the pattern not so much the shape of the dress but I say keep it and yeah maybe take the sleeves off or something... Would be interesting to see what you do with it.

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  2. i say keep it. It is actually groovy (yeah people do still use that word) It is quite artsy and dramatic!

  3. Ah i do love it and you can manage the colours so well!
    I agree- take off the sleeves and the sequin trim and i reckon you've got a pretty amazing maxi dress!

  4. love love love this dress!!!!!!

    so cool !

    thanx for followin!

    i followed u back!

    keep in touch girls!


  5. @Maureen: thanks, yeh its the pattern i love, its striking. will defo blog about it when ive changed the dress :)

    @Miss behaviour: it is dramatic. will definitely turn heads when i wear it..after its been altered.

    @Laura: yeh the sleeves and the sequined bits are the main problems. im gonna be needing your expertise when i change the dress :D

    @Rouli: thanks :D and for becoming a follower. will keep in touch :)

  6. damn! thats the most amazing dress ever. i love everything from the print to the cut. its one of the best pieces ever. dont do anything to it. u would be insane. this dress is worth a million just like this. if u dont want it like this give it to me. i will wear it and make u proud.

  7. ALTER! i love the pattern but the sleeves are not bad per se but I see the vision!! alter away!!...soooo when am i meeting your mum??

  8. this dress is gorgeouuuss!

  9. @Faboulista: Thanks alot, made me feel much better about the dress. im gonna be keeping it now hehe. im still thinking it through before i change it. i have quite a while before i get my sewing machine.
    i may end up just taking the sequins off.

    @Nicola: you can meet my mum whenever you like! she has 'loud nigerian' syndrome tho lol

    @T-BOON: thanks :D

  10. amaze dress! i just love maxi's. & thank you for your comment, far too kind! x

  11. it looks so unique and summery.
    i like it. <333

  12. I friggin LOVE this dress! Don't ever take if off because I'll steal it, lol.

  13. Thats a really lovely dress and it suits you too....If you dont want it i'll take it off your hands???


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