Saturday, 3 July 2010

Give Me Something Old, Something Blue

So today, i went for lunch and a few drinks with my friends Reiss and Laura from Little Room In The North. It was so sunny and nice and i got to see places i've never been to in London although i live there! We went on a mini east end pub tour starting off at this picturesque pub near the docks.

I wore some trousers which i recently obtained from my mother. She decided to clear out all her clothes so i ended up with quite a few stuff which she dosent want/need which made me very happy indeed!

(other stuff) Bag - Urban Outfitters/ Shoes - Random Shop/ Vest - Primark

Lola xx


  1. very nice very nice trousers :)
    very summery yah

  2. sooooo when can I meet your mum?? Is this not what you say to people you've never met before? oh dear...

  3. @blazerwhore: LOL! I have known Lola for years and still have not earned any fab clothes even after meeting her mum....Its a shame that my mother didnt keep any of her stuff. :-(

  4. wow gorgeous pants, love your blog and I am a follower now!

    check out my first giveaway at:

  5. Wow I love those pants... retro chic very nice..

  6. boooo! i want fabby trousers!! i am sure Lola's mum would give me something! a shoe? a button? a thread?

    anyhoo we should totally meet sometime and have some bloggy fun when you aren't in the north etc.xx

  7. @blazerwhore: i was so happy when i got those :D im sure my mum can find something for you hehe
    we are in the south now. yeh we should meet up for bloggy fun. should be cool :) start a collective hehe x

  8. I have been saying this for a while now, mums are the way forward in life . However it does get V awkward when your mum sees her 'borrowed' clothes on your blog..apparently that is just theft?

  9. I have been saying this for a while now. Mums are the way forward in life. Although it gets really awkward when they see their 'borrowed' clothes on your blog...apparently then it is just theft??

  10. don't joke about your mum finding something for me because I will just turn up at your house.

    Anyhoo stalky fun aside. If you want to meet up then message me and I will reply and we can have all sorts of bloggy fun.x

  11. @miss behaviour: they are the way forward! even if its like from the 90s, it could still work. raid your mums draws!
    but she wont see it, she has never seen my blog, shes not the slightest bit interested. she looked jealous when she saw me wearing it though :P

    @blazerwhore i will try then rather than yes hehe
    and yep i will message (email right?) :)

  12. yes email! and try haaaaard. all of you keep talking about wearing your mum's clothes but if you're not the same size then what do you do?...i tried it once, but then the skirt just fell off me again. awkward moment..

  13. nicola you are not okay in the head.

    aize you are not okay.

    The trousers are super cool.

    my mum gave her clothes to charity so i win in the 'i lost' department.


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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