Friday, 27 August 2010

1 site, 2 shoes, 3 pounds...

'My name is Fikki and I'm an eBay addict!'

These are the words that constantly lie in the back of my mind as I spend hours searching the site for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Ebay and I have been companions for over 4 years now and the journey has not been without its ups and downs. The most memorable of these downs included a 6 month ban from the site (no questions, please) and 20 email conversation with customer support. However besides these minor hiccups (most of which were self inflicted), eBay had been a loyal support system to my ever growing wardrobe.

I have been working non-stop for the past two months and as a result, I have had very little time to physically hit the shops. I don't know how I would have survived without eBay by my side. The site is perfect for anything and everything, from classic vintage pieces to this season's latest high street offers.

I have been looking for the perfect 'Manchester autumn proof' wedged shoe and thanks to ebay I found it for an awesome £2. I spent days watching this item and even had to take a long toilet break from work so that I could watch the moment when these shoes would finally be mine. Once the bid was over I noticed that the seller had another pair of shoes on sale so I bought those too for £1.



  1. oh the blue one are super hot =)

  2. OMG...those first pair of shoes are super HOTT.


  3. omg id die for these shoes. i love them both. so unique!

  4. Those blue ones r hot for £2... thats it im going to ebay

  5. I'm confused... What is the name of the shoe designer??? I looked n ebay for "manchester, m. autumn proof, autumn proof" and no search resulted.


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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