Thursday, 2 September 2010

Finally on the bandwagon!

The obsession with THE vintage Moschino Belt is a trend that hit the blogosphere hard the 09/10 transition and for a long time I searched high and low for one.

I asked my mum and aunties whether or not they had any belts from the 80s lurking in the back of their closets with the hope of finding this belt. NO success! One of my mum's friends said she had one but gave it away years ago and this nearly had me in tears.

I spent hours on eBay UK and US searching for this belt and even though I found a few they were either too expensive, too small or too big (at that time I was too exhausted to realise i could just make new holes).

I tried virtually every vintage store in Manchester and found nothing. Whilst in Turkey I even resorted to searching the markets for a replica. Unfortunately the stores were more interested in stocking knock-off chanels and louis' to bother about replicating a belt from over 40 seasons ago.

Luckily I didn't give up. I stuck with my never-faltering eBay and found it. However it was not from the UK or US site. With the help of my A-level french skills and Google translator, I managed to score a belt from eBay France. God bless the French!

The moment it arrived, I ran down to the nearest shoe repair shop and got more holes punched into it.

Belt: Vintage Moschino from eBay
Trousers: Vintage
Shirt: Vintage (it looks so much better when fully buttoned up)



  1. I just love,love, love your hair!!Can you tell what kind of hair is it? Is it a Lacefront? or extensions? Thanks =)

  2. I love that belt, I've been searching for one too! lol...

  3. your hair is fantastic!

  4. Thank you ladies.

    @ jazz: keep looking for the belt and you shall find one because i did after 6 months of searching.

    @anonymous: its a frontal and extensions

  5. that belt is awesome, i have been wanting one forever too!

  6. oh yay! it is a lovely belt. and it looks great with those vintage pants too. great look overall! go eBay France!

  7. omg i love that belt! i want one so baddly too. can u tell me how much u payed for it? just so i know what is a reasonable prince for something like this? can u allso give me the name of the seller?

  8. @ fashionista: I cant remember the name of the seller but i got it for about £30 including postage and packaging. I saw many on ebay selling for £50.

  9. Oh so jealous you have that belt :p You look gorgeous, love the whole ensemble!!

    Cute blog btw :)


    visit me sometime? :)

  10. LOVE THE BELT! I want one now too, i was unaware of the trend but now i need to search eBay far and wide with a french dictionary in hand!

    Happy Blogging

  11. awsome look! i love the combat boots and shiney belt combination, so cool!

  12. aww so cute! i'm loving this masculine look hun, you look super gorgeous! Btw its awards time and you got one waiting for you on my blog so go and check it out :)

  13. I nominated you for a sunshine award!!!!

  14. It paid off all the searching.. well done it looks so fab

  15. i tried to buy one on e-bay too.... but failed miserably in the last 30 seconds :)


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