Saturday, 7 August 2010

"I Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth..."

As the whole world probably knows, Naomi Campbell was in court this week to appear as a witness in the case against Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. Although I have a keen interest in global politics, I couldn't help but focus on Naomi's beauty rather than her words.

The 40 year old model, who looks better than most women in their twenties, strutted into the witness stand in a cream modern Jacky O. inspired ensemble with killer heels to match. There are few women in the world that can make a fashion statement whilst testifying in front of the world's highest court and Campbell did not disappoint on this front. The retro up-do was an impressive nod to Prada's A/W1O catwalk show.

It is a shame that the content of her testimony was not as impressive as the outfit. Its lack of conclusiveness left me wondering whether a combination of hairspray fumes and a tight hair-weave meant that Miss Campbell couldn't give a good enough testimony that could put Mr Taylor behind bars for life (child soldiers....he makes me sick!)

Ps...the necklace she was wearing has the Turkish symbol for luck on it. Just an interesting fact I thought you might want to know.


  1. she is one of the few top models I have had the pleasure of seeing in person- she does look flawless- maybe 30 years old at most...but she can do so much more with the hair.

  2. good blogging!! naomi looked fab! xx

  3. @deeva3000: Thank You
    @CurvylishDelish: You are so lucky to have seen her in person. The closest I got to seeing a top model close up was when I saw Lily Cole locking up her bike in London...I thought the same about the hair-do when I saw the pictures of the Prada Catwalk show.

  4. I did a paper on child soldiers a couple of month back... Naomi was really going for that classy Jacky O she looks lovely =) ... Im going to tagg u for an award so check my blog today or tomorrow =)

  5. @Amandita - thats really nice, our first blog award. thanks :)

  6. Hey girly I just nominated you for an award

  7. I cannot believe she is 40! She could be in her 20's!!
    Rianna xxxx

  8. let's not forget, naomi is not known for her tact. it doesn't surprise me that her testimony was a bit aloof. i do wish i could see her shoes though! :)

    had no idea she was, she has aged well.


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