Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jewelled Pork....

I saw images of this shoot from the September issue of Vogue Russia and had to write a post on it. I am not sure whether I like or hate the concept. I suppose I find it interesting because of the artsy perspective but question the taste level of the client/photographer/people behind the concept.

What do you think? Artsy or Trashy?

My overall judgement is definitely: Trashy!



  1. hmmm idk, but I didnt like it either... its a bit strange

  2. Oh, it's different and the pig is so cute ;)
    No, I think it's artsy because even if the concept is not the best, it's a different ideia and the pictures are original, not to talk about the jewellery that is gourgeous, I think nobody will see the poor pig...
    M and S

  3. now that's just gross. i mean why dress the poor thing up and then turn it into a BLT? i mean- i'll eat the sandwich but the pre-sandwich jewellery torture is just unneccessary...

  4. Thanks for visiting my site ladies...I think your blog is very cute...and this little piglet is soooo adorable. I want one as a house pet

    Dhalia of

  5. i just can't see how it's selling the product in any way at all... what's the point?!

  6. "Artsy" - what does this term even mean?

    If by definition it means to torture and sacrifice the dignity of a pig for the pleasure of a few superficial twisted individuals then YES - it is most definitely "Artsy".

    As for being unique - so was Hitler.

  7. Poor pigs!!!
    Dont offence, but I dont like it.


    PS: I posted a new outfit, hope to see u in my blog! =)

  8. I seriously doubt they ACTUALLY put earring in the pics ears or whatever, the photos look obviously manipulated. I think the photographer accomplished at least one goal, to get your attention.

    I definitely wouldn't call it art but not trash either


  9. i agree with you!

  10. i think this is deffinately trashy, and also even if they didn't actually put the earrings on the pig, i personally still think it's cruel to use the pig for a photoshoot in an environment that isn't animal friendly. xx

  11. omg, that is really weird...
    i wonder what made them think that concept was ok?

  12. Hmm the pigs are absolutely gorgeous....but Id say trashy. I think that its kind of like putting heavy jewelry & makeup on small children ...there seems to be something not quite right about it...


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