Friday, 8 October 2010

Shambles of a Finale...

Live Finales and Modelling seems to be a bad combination and it seems like Tyra is the only person in the Next Top Model franchise to realise this

Last week saw Australia's Next Top Model's Host, Sarah Murdoch, announce the wrong winner which must have been devastating to Kelsey, the official runner-up.I do not understand how the crew could have made a debacle of such a simple task in the age of Eurovision, Xfactor, Pop Idol etc.

However this week's finale was ony a slight improvement. Although cast and crew of BNTM (Britain's Next Top Model) managed to succeed in announcing the correct winner, the 90 minute finale was brain numbing.

The judges seemed to have a vocabulary of ten words between them and the presenter Dave Berry asked the most uncreative questions of 'How do you feel' and 'Are you nervous' which he later apologised for.

The highlight of the show was Julien Macdonald and his new hair cut, who seemed to have had a personality transplant since the show was filmed. His tone changed from 'Alisha you look like a man in drag' to praising her throughout the finale. I personally believe he was sipping on more than H2O that night.

Apart from that saving fact, the finale was a let down considering how much of an improvement this season was from the previous ones. I hope to see Elle Macpherson hosting the show next season as she and her connections were the reason this was the best season yet.

Here are a few shots of the winner, Tiffany Pisani, who in my opinion deserved the prize. Its a shame that winners from these shows are more likely to make the cover of Nuts than Vogue.

The final photo with George Lamb is by far my favourite. And if you missed the clip of the Australia's Next Top Model finale, here it is for your viewing pleasure.




  2. i don't watch ANTM or its counterparts anymore, but this girl looks like a great choice.

    i heard how they announced the wrong winner for Australia...that was so silly. the runner up deserves something for that national mishap.

  3. OMG, u know I always wonder what would happen if this actually happened on the show lol... what are the odds of this actually happening omg hahahahah


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