Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lanvin Loves H&M!

Finally, the much talked about lanvin collection was unveiled this morning online and i rushed to take a look at the video after a massive reminder on my facebook page by a friend.
It was all about colourful one sholdered dresses, floral pieces and layered dresses for women and i was very impressed by that.
Mens wear seemed to be classics with a twist. with bow ties and suits, Alber Elbaz has really put his stamp on this.

From the video, my favourite so far are:

And if you havent seen the video, click on the link below!

And.....for the full galley of the collection visit: Vogue

Lola xx

A message from Fikki:

Out of pure excitement for this collection, I decided to cut my day in hospital in half so that I could finally have a look at this collection. I originally planned to spend at least an hour deciding what to buy from this collection but after looking at the prices, this hour was cut to 1 minute.

£124 for a dress! I couldn't believe my eyes! I have to say that I wouldn't be so disappointed about the prices if the quality was to match. I cannot deny that I am a fan of the design of many of the items (in particular the purple asymmetric dress and the sheer jacket) but I would expect a higher quality of fabric at finishing at those costs especially when the product has a major fashion house attached to it.

I suppose the internet may be a bit deceiving but from looking at a few close-up shots of certain items, I might as well go on a shopping haul in Primark and get 10 dresses of what looks to me as equal quality. I hope that when I finally head to H&M in two weeks what I feel and try on meets up to the high expectations I originally had for this collection.

So my verdict so far is undecided as to whether I love Lavin loves H&M and I hope November 23rd will help me come to a conclusion.

And my verdict on the accessories is that they are definitely not to my aesthetic.




    <3 <3 <3

    check my new collection (shirts) my dear :)

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. lovely dresses!

    cant wait:))


  3. i love that yellow dress. if only H&M would hurry up and open where i live! it's supposed to be some time this month...can't wait!


  4. Lanvin may love H&M but I do NOT love this collection!! Apart from the canary yellow assymetric dress...the rest kinda is just blaaaaah to me!

    Guys, I added you to my blogroll! Add me x


  5. Love! Love! Love! your style & the blog is great! Follow my fashion blog as a wardrobe stylist here in Atlanta, Ga. :)

  6. LOVE THIS! I wanna check it out. £124 for a lanvin dress is a bargain but for an H&M dress...not so sure =l

  7. hello luvs! i wanted to let you know that you both are my featured fashionistas on my blog! Check it out and tell your followers!

    And be sure to enter my holiday giveaway!


  8. sorry for spamming you with my comments, but H&M just opened where i live and i went and got some Lanvin stuff. check it out in my latest post.

    but i do agree--it was a bit pricey for being a collaboration with H&M.



Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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