Monday, 13 December 2010


Finally, classes have come to an end for me. this means its officially the holidays! No more lectures for 2/3 weeks. This Christmas, my family and I are off to Nigeria for awhile. Its kinda become a tradition and I don't seem to understand the concept of a snowy, cold Christmas. Bring on the hot lovely sun. I can't wait!

Jeans/H&M, Shoes/Primark, Jumper/Reclaimed from my mum

The picture above is what i wore to a concert yesterday with my friend Henry at the Royal Northern College of Music. We were there to see Everything Everything, an indie rock/art rock band (according to wikipedia) play their whole album with an Ensemble (orchestra). It was and will be for awhile the best gig i have been to along time. The lead singer has this high falsetto voice which does not falter one bit. Every song on their album is quite different which meant that there was no point where i was bored and i was captivated for their whole set.

Heres a little taste of Everything Everything if you're into that sort of thing. enjoy :)

Lola xx


  1. glad it was a fun concert. have fun in Nigeria!

    your shoes are great.

  2. Hey girls, I hope you are having a great time in Nigeria ;) I saw the comment about you wanting to visit Split... Well Split is even better in summer its a smell city so there like not that much to see(I dont mean it like that lol),,, The biggest attraction is definitely the Diocletcian palace and all even around the palace, the whole city is just so cosy and charming, you are going to love the beach =),, If you wanna know more just holla =)Btw loving the jumper and the shoes... Primark is great =)

  3. Great outfit!
    LOVE the video and that song is amazing!

  4. thanks girls :)

    @Amandita: thinking about doing a tour of croatia in the summer so i wanted to see if it was great to go to and from your pictures it seems so :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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