Saturday, 31 July 2010

Midnight Regulations

I recently have been having this obsession over the summer for very bright, loud colours, as you can see in previous posts. This skirt is from pop vintage in Manchester. Although not actually vintage, pop make these skirts in so many different patterns.
I have this in three different patterns, one of them being featured on this blog earlier - Brown Sugar

Photos Taken by my friend, Nabeelah:

Really love her bag. This animal inspiration is just everywhere.

Went for a few drinks with her last night. Having not drank in quite awhile, i could only manage 2 vodkas and the alcohol did not take its time to get to my head ... i'm getting old. Which is probably why i look extremely happy in these pictures. Yeh.

Lola Wears: Skirt - Pop Vintage, Vest Top - Primark, Jean Top - Primark, Shoes - Name Unknown, Bag - ASOS
Nabelaah Wears: jeggings - New Look, Jumper - H&M, Shoes - Primark, Bag - Topshop

Lola xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Its Like A Jungle Sometimes...

Animal inspirations in the fashion world is not a new phenomenon. Spring/Summer '10 saw the illustrious use of sparrows and cats and this trend was emulated throughout the high street. Back in '09 Marc Jacobs created an owl inspired collection and that influence seems to still be a hit on the high street. Has anyone else noticed the sudden influx of owl inspired jewellery in the shops?

Taking inspiration from this observation, I decided to do a post on the jungle within my jewellery box. It seems that over half of my jewellery collection is animal inspired.

The snake and tiger ring are recent buys from Primark whilst the tiger bangle was purchased a long time ago from Dorothy Perkins (i think). The tiger ring has definitely become one of my staples. After searching high and wide for a snake ring i settled on this diamanté encrusted piece purely because of the price. I personally am not a big fan, what do you guys think...yay or nay?

Apart from the owl earrings, the other pieces are all from Dorothy Perkins. This is not a shop I venture into frequently but it seems that the 'Power of Arcadia' is evident in their jewellery line. My neck and the necklace of the two swans were inseparable for about 2 years. The owl earrings are a rent buy from Primark and I think I may be going back to buy the owl ring and necklace too.

For some strange reason I didn't start buying vintage jewellery until years after I bought my first vintage item of clothing. But now i spend hours trawling ebay for my next vintage jewellery buy. The frog brooch and the Lion head necklace are both from vintage markets in Manchester. Whilst the fish necklace and peacock feather earring are from Topshop.

There are a few pieces that i would love to add to my collection. Once my paycheck goes in, Im heading to the shops to pick up the following:
Rabbit ring - Primark
Two finger bird ring - Urban Outfitters
Owl necklace and ring - Primark
Octopus ring - Ebay
And the jungle keeps growing....

Monday, 19 July 2010

"Woop it's my birthday" - Part 2

For part 2 of my birthday celebrations the boyf decided to treat me to dinner at Beluga, a restaurant in Manchester. Since the reservation was for 9pm, we decided to go see Inception during the day time. This is definitely my film of the year and I hope it brings Leo one step closer to his much deserved Academy Award.

After a quick outfit change, We went down to the more picturesque side of town for dinner. Luckily this time round, I actually remembered to take pictures of my outfit in a more befitting setting.

Dress: Zara,
Tights: Primark,
Shoes: Marni
Bag: Stolen from my little sister.

My 20th was definitely an awesome birthday and hopefully my wish to celebrate my 21st abroad will come true next year.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

"Woop it's my birthday" - Part 1

I should have written this post hours ago but my trip from Manchester back to the South was delayed by 2 hours because some man decided it was a good day to be on the train tracks. But I wasn't going to wait an extra day before updating you guys on my birthday weekend.

Even though my birthday was on Saturday, I was ushered into birthday mode when I received a Hello Kitty Sewing Machine on Thursday from my colleagues at work. The sewing machine may be aimed at people aged about 6 to 10 years old but will be the beginning of my path to becoming the perfect home-maker. It may be battery powered but I hope that after using 20+ batteries I will have a skirt/dress/hat to show for my hard work.

This year, I was looking to have a very mature birthday because it isn't every day a girl leaves her teens. So for the pre-birthday celebrations, I headed to Harvey Nichols for Afternoon Tea, something I had to say I have been looking forward to do for soooo long!

The view of city from the restaurant was as spectacular as the selection of sandwiches and cakes.

As a birthday treat to myself, I picked up a dress from Zara before we headed to The Royal Exchange Theatre to see the hilarious farce by Brandon Thomas, Charley's Aunt. I had the most amazing time at this play and laughed so much that I had tears streaming down my face.

When I finally got home, I realised I didn't have a picture of the complete outfit so sneaked this shot in. I apologise for the not-so-glam background.

Skirt and Tights: Primark,
Bag: Stolen from my 16yr old sister (her taste level exceeds her age),
Shoes (Topshop),
Ring: Vintage Market,
Top: Vintage from Cow (it is actually a dress)

Part 2 of this post is on its way. Unfortunately I cannot write it now because tomorrow, I finally start my one-week placement at the Hospital. Bring on pregnant ladies and screaming babies!


Life In 3D

This sweater, like so many things in my wardrobe used to belong to my mum. I love the swirly circles and the detail on it. So typically 80's

Took my very little cousin along with my sister to see Shrek 4 in 3D yesterday. I really dont understand the point of 3D. When first introduced, it was an amazing spectacle but now it has spread down to the most obscure and stupid films i.e. Step Up 3 or that British dance film. Films like that have no need for it at all and would be much better appreciated without the 3D tag. I understand the attraction is for kids but soon we shall see 3D being used in dramas! Also with my glasses, it hurts so much and i always end up with a splitting headache for about 4hr afterwards.

Lola xx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Roaring 20s...

These were actually the words I yelled out to the BOYF when I woke up this morning. Im officially in my 20s, the decade in which my life starts. The next ten years will be full of great events: my graduation, the start of my career, my wedding and my first child!

To celebrate leaving my teens and entering a new chapter in my life, I am having an amazing long weekend up in Manchester with the BOYF. Once it's over, I will give you guys an official update of what went down. So far its been absolutely awesome


PS...Echoing the words of Lola, We appreciate each and everyone of our 59 followers. Much loveage.

"At 20 years of age the will reigns" Ben Franklin

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dress Of Too Many Colors?

So, Every once in a while my mum would get our seamstress in Nigeria to sew my sister and i something nice. Its always fun to see what she comes up with. Howeeeever, i was presented with this dress. My sister and i had a good 'ol laugh. I'm not too keen on it. I like the print but the style is just omg too much. I was thinking of taking off the sleeves, in fact changing the whole top half of the dress. That is when i get my sewing machine. should i just leave it as is? or just throw it away? All opinions welcome :)

P.S. 56 Followers! Thanks to everyone who is following our blog :) means alot to us

Lola xx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Give Me Something Old, Something Blue

So today, i went for lunch and a few drinks with my friends Reiss and Laura from Little Room In The North. It was so sunny and nice and i got to see places i've never been to in London although i live there! We went on a mini east end pub tour starting off at this picturesque pub near the docks.

I wore some trousers which i recently obtained from my mother. She decided to clear out all her clothes so i ended up with quite a few stuff which she dosent want/need which made me very happy indeed!

(other stuff) Bag - Urban Outfitters/ Shoes - Random Shop/ Vest - Primark

Lola xx

I Love Su-Shi!

And I am not referring to sashimi with wasabi...

Su-Shi is a spanish based online store that retails bags, belts, shoes and purses. I recently discovered this brand after reading a post by Chiara F. of The Blonde Salad and I have to say i may be making a purchase from them soon.

The brand has managed to mix different textiles to create unique pieces that look very high-end without causing major fractures in your bank account. Here is a small selection of the store has to offer.

Loving the design of this belt. Anybody who knows me would confirm that I have a 'slight obsession' with animal inspired accessories and this snake belt would fit in perfectly with my collection.

This bag has left me considering whether I should forget saving for a Mulberry Alexa. The oversize style is absolutely perfect. Since it retails at about £140, its miles cheaper than an Alexa.

Su-Shi also has a selection of shoes which are not particularly to my taste but the clogs on there are sure to make Lola and other clog lovers happy.

Check out Su-Shi out at: su-shi-blog and their online store su-shi bags


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