Thursday, 2 September 2010

Finally on the bandwagon!

The obsession with THE vintage Moschino Belt is a trend that hit the blogosphere hard the 09/10 transition and for a long time I searched high and low for one.

I asked my mum and aunties whether or not they had any belts from the 80s lurking in the back of their closets with the hope of finding this belt. NO success! One of my mum's friends said she had one but gave it away years ago and this nearly had me in tears.

I spent hours on eBay UK and US searching for this belt and even though I found a few they were either too expensive, too small or too big (at that time I was too exhausted to realise i could just make new holes).

I tried virtually every vintage store in Manchester and found nothing. Whilst in Turkey I even resorted to searching the markets for a replica. Unfortunately the stores were more interested in stocking knock-off chanels and louis' to bother about replicating a belt from over 40 seasons ago.

Luckily I didn't give up. I stuck with my never-faltering eBay and found it. However it was not from the UK or US site. With the help of my A-level french skills and Google translator, I managed to score a belt from eBay France. God bless the French!

The moment it arrived, I ran down to the nearest shoe repair shop and got more holes punched into it.

Belt: Vintage Moschino from eBay
Trousers: Vintage
Shirt: Vintage (it looks so much better when fully buttoned up)


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I had no problems with 2D :-(

The world has officially gone 3D crazy. It seems that every form of media comes in a 3D format from cinema to TV to who knows maybe even radio someday (I would love to see them try). I personally had no problems with 2D.

It was nice to go to the cinema and not have to wear these silly things on your head for a film thats over 2 hours long. You leave the film with not only an interesting storyline but with a banging headache. I feel lucky that I haven't had to to sit in one of the front rows with these glasses but the time will surely come.

And now the craze has made its way to Vogue! Oh why?!?

The September issue of Vogue Italia has a cover and 22 page editorial is 3D. This is the first Vogue Italia cover for Australian Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr (and her cute dog Frankie) and it was photographed by the legend that is Steven Meisel.

There is no doubt that this is a milestone in the fashion magazine industry but I have to say I am not too keen on the fact 3D is everywhere. The magazine even comes with a special pair of 3D glasses so you can. The time may come when we all have to permanently carry around a special pair of 3D glasses to view anything.

Here are some of the images from the photoshoot. Its a 22 page editorial so this is only a selection of the images. The rest can be seen via this link: Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia - September Issue


As much as I complain about 3D I cannot deny how gorgeous this editorial is. The photographer captured the essence of Miranda's beauty and I am curious to see how the shots look in 3D. I love the editorial but I think it would have been just as effective and beautiful in 2D.

But what do you guys think? 3D OR 2D VOGUE.

I have to say that although I hate 3D and love this editorial, Im torn!

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