Tuesday, 8 February 2011

BURN city!

Many thanks to Lola for keeping our blog alive with the past few posts.

I am currently posted outside Manchester in the not-so-quaint city of Blackburn.
I have been living in hospital accomodation, which is actually quite clean, for 2 weeks now and I am officially at the half way point.

Its been a sad 2 weeks being away from my housmates, friends and boyfriend. The initial hope was that this separation from the distractions of life would mean I would be able to concentrate on my degree. Unfortunately this has not quite happened and I still have 4000 words of my essay left to write. If only writing literature reviews was as easy as writing a blog post.

I decided to have a go at putting up a post today in an attempt to distract myself further from my sole purpose in burn city.

So with the help of my 5GB dongle, a stack of books and my handy 12mp camera phone (which still works after it made a visit to the toilet bowl) I managed to conjure up this delightful post of what I wore today. Its a shame I only wore it for 5 minutes before I had to wear scrubs (waste of an outfit).

Skort/Vintage, Top and Cardigan/Topshop, Belt/Zara, Bag/Aldo

PS: Dont you just hate parents who cannot control their brats. I was on the bus back from a neighbouring hospital and endured 30 minutes of constant noise from moaning, whining, crying kid. It made my ears bleed!



  1. lovely, especially the bag :)

  2. Love this outfit, the purple/burgundy complements the Tan really well..x


  3. Fikki your hair is looking amazing!!!!! Love it

  4. I hope that everything works out for you!! And 4000 words is intense! Good luck on that!!! I love this outfit! All the colors go soo great together!

  5. wow, I love this outfit! that bag is gorgeous, love your style! following for sure :)


  6. Love the bag too!


  7. Thanks ladies.
    And the essay is coming along nicely. I have 5 days to write the remaining 2000, wish me luck! x

  8. Great outfit, love the skirt!

  9. love the tan skirt..
    and your hair looks all nice and bouncy

    i will be following you guys...

    check out my blog and follow if you like

  10. You look so cute, love the skirt!

  11. i love that eggplant colour of your top!! beautiful!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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