Saturday, 19 February 2011

'Carrie' on Miss Lively

Blake Lively rumoured to be the new Carrie Bradshaw
Could it be true?

I was on the bus today and peered over a girl's shoulder to read a snippet from this week's Grazia. To my utter surprise and excitement, I read that my favourite Gossip Girl fashionista, Blake Lively, is rumoured to be playing a young Carrie Bradshaw in a new prequel of SATC.

Gossip Girl is already seen by many as SATC for the younger generation. With a wardrobe stuffed with designer clothes and cocktails aplenty, there is little to doubt about this comparison between the two shows. So after seasons of playing the glamourous Serena Van der Woodsen, Blake Lively should not have a problem filling SJP's shoes.

As much as I love the idea of this prequel, I am a bit worried as to how it will affect the legacy of the series. For many fans, the last film was a huge disappointment and it would be a shame if this project further tarnished the SATC image. So fingers crossed that Blake delivers!

So what do you think? Could Blake replace SJP?



  1. I think it could work, Blake's character kinda has this laid back glamour going on, which I think Carrie has as well, and teaming things you ususually wouldn't. Like this week in GG Serena wore a long evening dress to an event with like a knitted chunky scarf. Well we'll see what comes of it.

  2. I love her and SJP both and I think she could definitely fill her shoes!

  3. elle pourrait ĂȘtre la nouvelle Carrie Bradshaw
    Could it be true?

    Blake Lively est tellement jolie, glamour, j'adore.

  4. no she can't but she still looks damn good!

  5. I didn't realize how gorgeous she is. The last photo shows off her killer legs, wow! Hopefully she does the film some justice.

  6. I'm seriously falling in love with her style too! Especially the way she wears such bright colours, no matter the season. J'adore
    Can't believe she's gonna be Carrie though...I wonder who's gonna be Samantha? LOL

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  7. All the outfits are awesome! See you on I am following you now.


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