Sunday, 27 March 2011

Short Hair Don't Care

The relationship between a black woman and her hair is a tortuous one.

When I tell some of my non-black friends that I spend over £100 on my hair at a time, they wonder why and to be honest so do I.

Up until I was 17, I constantly wore my hair in braids and on the rare occasion when I didn't have the braids, I straightened my hair with a flat iron. In the aim of achieving 'bone straight' hair, all the curls in my afro were virtually non existent.

So just before university, I finally got my hair chemically straightened, my first relaxer (my mother believed young girls should not have relaxers).

At first all was perfect but with the uni lifestyle, i failed to take care of the hair and by my second year, I constantly wore hair extensions because the hair was so damaged.

Last year two of my house mates decided to stop chemically straightening their hair and I thought they were crazy to do so. But soon I and my bank account grew tired of paying £40 for a touch up and decided to take the plunge.

Not so long after, Lola followed suit. So now we live in a house with 4 growing mini afros.

However with all this said, I am still proudly addicted to hair extensions so unfortunately the afro will not be out for too long.

left: chemically straightened hair in 2009
right: my mini afro after chopping off most of my straight hair - christmas 2010


Unlike Fikki, I've had my hair relaxed for a few years now.
Taking care of my hair has always been a problem for me, so much so that I had my hair shaved for 2 years from about 11 to 13. When i decided to grow it, i just relaxed it but still just didn't bother about how healthy it was as long as it was straight and long. but all that changed.
I've been planning this cut for 7 months now and after much deliberation and research, I finally cut it.
At first, I cried and cried. It was weird seeing myself with very little hair but now i love it. Its really grown on me. So this is me for now! Till i get bored...



  1. It looks sooo good! I wish I had the guts to do it! You look fab :)

  2. you guys are brave!

  3. Hey girlies, loving you twa (teeny weeny afro's) if you want any help maintaining them is a great website with loads tips from other people rocking twa's and also these girls on youtube are great with their natural hair..

  4. i love this post. two of my friends did the chop about 5 years ago and they have beautiful afros! love natural hair!


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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