Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

After a grueling 5 hour journey from Manchester that began at 4:30am, I arrived at my family home in Kent and so far it has been awesome!

I got to spend the last day of the easter bank holiday weekend chilling with my family and eating some good homely meals.

So today, whilst the rest of the family where at work/school, I spent the morning getting my hair braided because I had reached breaking point with nurturing the afro.

I have to say, getting the braids put in was 5 hours of my life well spent because I am in love with the look....even though I feel 16 again with this hairstyle.

During the hours between the salon visit and my sister returning from school, I checked out the charity shops around and I have to say Lola is bleeding lucky. In comparison to the one where Lola lives, this charity shop was reminiscent of pre-2003 primark (aka crappy).

I plan on checking out the other shops, in the hope of spotting at least one gem.

At the moment, I am a huge fan of block colour trousers and I am still in the process of acquiring a selection in a variety of colours. I have had this pair from Zara for about 4 years and they have come in handy this season!

Blouse/Primark; Trousers/Zara; Belt/Zara; Shoes/Primark

This outfit is the perfect salute to my two favourite shops: Primark and Zara. In recent years, they always seem to have something I need.

Thanks to my sister for these awesome pictures
Thanks Warehouse Project for appropriately weathering my boots!


Ps: Hope everyone had an awesome Easter bank holiday weekend. Bring on Round 2...I OFFICIALLY HAVE ROYAL WEDDING FEVER!


  1. i am also in the process of looking for some nice, brightly colored pants like yours--well done. and i do like your new hairstyle as well. braids always make me feel younger too.

  2. So cuteeee!
    Lovely blouse and red pants <33

  3. Love the pants, I want some colorful pants... I wanna do color blocking so pad.. Im just so in love with that trend...
    Omg u are like me last year when Viktoria was getting married(Swedish crown princess) I was all exited...
    BTW u look lovely!

  4. So these box braids are making a real comeback! I like x

  5. Love the top and boots, loving the red jeans too!


  6. love your earings and jeans :)kisses :*

  7. I love the shoes... My favorite piece in your outfit... =)

  8. Your floral print blouse is awesome !


  9. Hahaha, totally relate to feeling 16 when my braids were put in!! The look is great though, yours are lovely!! :) xx


  10. Thanks for the lovely comment at my blog! I am a new follower of your, please follow me back. Love the new hair style. It looks great on you too. Those weathered boots are adorable.

  11. Zara does have a wide selection of bold coloured trousers now don't they? Their lookbooks are always so inspiring! Love your trousers and braids. I've been thinking of putting it waist length braids, but I'm not sure I can sit for that long, and through all the pain.

  12. very cute shoes,
    i really want them!

  13. The jeans are definitely coming in handy! I miss braids. They'll be my next hairdo


  14. I know what you mean! I dug out my old blocked coloured skinnies too....so happy I keep my clothes (well, the ones that still fit) cos fashion always does a full-circle :)

    BLEURGH & Xisses


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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