Saturday, 29 October 2011

Casual Weekday

The other day i realised that my wardrobe of casual wear is very limited. 
I own about 3 t-shirts and 3 pairs of jeans. My wardrobe mostly consists of sheer blouses, shirts and dresses. 
So my take on casual often involves a shirt rather than a t-shirt.

I took a half day from university so that I could take my baby sister, who was visiting, to lunch and then quickly pop into the shops to sort out a Halloween costume. 

After every halloween, I always plan to really make an effort next year but every year I leave my costume plans till last minute. This year is no different. This time last year I planned to go as the house from UP but ended up going as a Cougar/Leopard a la Kim Kardashian

Shirt/Zara, Trousers/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Topshop

Those Topshop slippers are one of my favourite new buys. They add that extra touch of style to any outfit. Very tempted to buy the leopard print pair because for £22 (student discount), they are perfection.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Red Velvet

Have been away from blogging for abit now due to a very busy schedule. When i decided to take a masters, i assumed it would be fine and i'll have so much free time only to discover it was quite intensive. Well i obviously didn't get that memo. Spend majority of the day working on a presentation for a class i have on Monday and later going to trafford shopping centre for the first time since moving to Manchester in 2008. 

Skirt/Primark, Top/Thrifted, Shoes/ASOS

Hiya to the new followers :) 
Have a lovely week,

Lola xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Laced in Colours

I had a resolution for this new academic year and it was to try new things in Manchester. Since I am officially half way through my degree and this might be Lola's last year up in Manchester, we thought we should make the most of the "little" time we have left.

So we decided to try out Vertigo, a new restaurant in the heart of the city. The decor was not particularly to my taste...think glittery walls and sparkly chandeliers. However the food and service were exquisite. We had the six-course taster menu and the waiter serving the dishes was as pleasing on the eye as the plates he served. The standout dishes for both of us were the tomato consomme amuse bouche and the beech smoked salmon on a bed of beetroot risotto.

The verdict: I will definitely be returning when my pockets are full again.

Fikki: Dress/Vintage; Bag/Primark
Lola: Dress/DIYDS vintage; Belt/Mum's Wardrobe; Shoes/Carvela

Lola has been building on her DIYDS skills. She adapted this dress from a shirt she bought from a vintage store and I have to say it looks fab!

Next new thing to try: go to see a ballet...


Sunday, 2 October 2011

DIYDS: Leopard Print Cross Shirt

After seeing this around for a very long time, i have been meaning to make my very own instead of spending loads on it from urban outfitters. But i always put things off and so planned to make more things and make use of my sewing machine. I got the fabric from a local shop and the basic shirt from Primark.

I cut out a decent cross which took ages to measure the right size. i made one too big and another too small, frustrating. Pinned it on to make sure it was in the right position. 

and then sewed, Had to do this twice cause as you can see the edges of the material frayed quite alot so i did a straight stitch and then a zig zag stitch on the edge. Hopeully that helps it stay in place. 

and voila! Very simple DIY and i can finally tick one thing off my list. 

          Lola xx
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