Tuesday, 29 March 2011


These pictures are from last week. Sun was shining, it was beautiful. Although most that is gone now. Don't you just love English weather, from one extreme to the other. At least i enjoyed it while it lasted.

Off to York tomorrow with my boyfriend. So excited to be away in what is a really nice English city for a few days :) Well needed break!

Skirt/Matalan, Top/Random Store in Canada

Lola xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Short Hair Don't Care

The relationship between a black woman and her hair is a tortuous one.

When I tell some of my non-black friends that I spend over £100 on my hair at a time, they wonder why and to be honest so do I.

Up until I was 17, I constantly wore my hair in braids and on the rare occasion when I didn't have the braids, I straightened my hair with a flat iron. In the aim of achieving 'bone straight' hair, all the curls in my afro were virtually non existent.

So just before university, I finally got my hair chemically straightened, my first relaxer (my mother believed young girls should not have relaxers).

At first all was perfect but with the uni lifestyle, i failed to take care of the hair and by my second year, I constantly wore hair extensions because the hair was so damaged.

Last year two of my house mates decided to stop chemically straightening their hair and I thought they were crazy to do so. But soon I and my bank account grew tired of paying £40 for a touch up and decided to take the plunge.

Not so long after, Lola followed suit. So now we live in a house with 4 growing mini afros.

However with all this said, I am still proudly addicted to hair extensions so unfortunately the afro will not be out for too long.

left: chemically straightened hair in 2009
right: my mini afro after chopping off most of my straight hair - christmas 2010


Unlike Fikki, I've had my hair relaxed for a few years now.
Taking care of my hair has always been a problem for me, so much so that I had my hair shaved for 2 years from about 11 to 13. When i decided to grow it, i just relaxed it but still just didn't bother about how healthy it was as long as it was straight and long. but all that changed.
I've been planning this cut for 7 months now and after much deliberation and research, I finally cut it.
At first, I cried and cried. It was weird seeing myself with very little hair but now i love it. Its really grown on me. So this is me for now! Till i get bored...


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Better Late Than Never

It has officially been a year since I was part of the committee that organised the Annual Manchester Medics' Ball.

With a budget of over £40,000 every year, I was quite excited to see how this year's committee planned spent that large wad of cash.

The theme was loosely based on 'cirque du soleil' and the event was held at The Point, the hospitality suite of the Lancashire County Cricket Club.

So what does £46,000 buy these days:
2 stiltwalkers, a snake charmer, aerial artists and Daniel Johnson (remember him from Xfactor?)

The highlights of the whole night for me were the aerial act and the dessert! Can't go wrong with some yummy cheesecake.

Unfortunately, I still do not have a camera and the normally trusty camera on my phone did not appreciate the heavy lighting at the venue, so all these photos are courtesy of other people's hard work!

Dress: Vintage Laurence Kazaar

It was an awesome night but it had nothing on the ball of 2010!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011


♥ Should have done this sort of post earlier but it was freezing. It is now finally getting warmer and the sun shines more. I feel i can now possibly get rid of the jacket and wear a sweater on its own (i'm a wuss when it comes to the cold). It was a very nice day today, sucks i had to spend most of it in lectures. These were taken by my friend, Laura of Little Room in the North.

♥ Still on my quest to try and wear everything in my wardrobe that i don't wear much so i opted for this skirt which i have never worn and a shirt i just love for a day of lectures (boring). Bought the blouse in a random shop while on holiday in Canada. The song, Pop it like its hot was big then hence me getting excited and splurging. i still love it.

♥ Also with today being shrove tuesday (pancake day), i decided to make some lovely pancakes. nil points for presentation but they sure are yummy :) Its such once a year thing cause i never make them for breakfast etc and i clearly remember making them last year for my mum and brother. Anyone make pancakes today?

Skirt/Primark, Shoes/Primark, Shirt/Random store in Canada, Scarf/Belonged to my mum

Lola xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Last Night #2

Another quick post showcasing what we wore last night.

Fikki: Dress/Motel; Shoes & Bag/Primark
Lola: Shirt/Thrifted; Shorts/New Look; Shoes/Random shop

There were also a few people with great outfits last night who we managed to get photos of before the juice kicked in.

Left: the pop of colour from the shoes complements the outfit. Love the embellished crop.
Right: Onyxsta of say-bleurgh and friend.

Left: Topshop bodycon. Every girl's best friend.
Right: Love the 90s inspired, solange style braids.

Until next time.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cold War in Manchester

I would like to imagine that the day will come when the name Janelle Monae is as much a household name as the likes of Beyonce, Lady gaga and remaining citizens of commercial-land.

The pint-sized singer, with her trade-mark and frequently imitated pompadour, has a voice that rivals some of the best singers that have ever lived. If you haven't discovered her sound, I urge you to listen to her EP, Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase), which was the original reason I fell in love with her.

The concept of the concert was based on debut album, The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III), in which Janelle takes on the personality of her android alter-ego, Cindy Mayweather. Full of unimaginable amounts of energy, Janelle created an unforgettable, confetti-filled show that left all her fans wanting more.

Key moments of the night:
Confetti falling from the ceiling on numerous occasions
Janelle's rendition of smile by Judy garland
Janelle singing and dancing to tightrope
Missing out on the art she created on stage because it wasn't any of our birthdays
Waiting in the cold after the show for over an hour to meet her and failing

left: painting Janelle created on stage and its lucky winner
top right: waiting in the cold for Janelle with confetti on our heads
bottom right: shoes worn by one of the members of her band

This is what we both wore to the event. Totally wish I wore my black and whites a la Miss Monae...next time perhaps?

Fikki: top/vintage; shorts/DIYDS; tights/primark
Lola: top/thrifted; skirt/primark; shoes/primark

But yeh, next time black and white!

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