Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Shoes!

Just got these from Oxfam after work for £6. I shall wear them to death this summer :)

Lola x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Internship

Back in london now and started a short internship at the Foreign Office 'doing stuff'. Its only been two days and i'm already very busy doing things that the actual employees do rather than all that filing and photocopying. Another thing i love is that the dress code is not staunch with suits like in commercial law firms which i hate. I'm pretty much allowed to wear what i want as long as its modest! Which is good because its boiling in England right now. Only thing i hate is i'm not not wearign enough color.

Oh and the afro is back!

Dress/H&M, Cardigan/My mum's wardrobe, Shoes/New Look

Have a lovely week!

Lola x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hometown Glory

Whilst I await more garments from the motherland...I would like to preview the gorgeous creation I received the last time my father came back from Nigeria. I wore this dress to the law ball after party.

bag and shoes/primark, jacket/H&M

When my mum heard I was doing this post, she was keen to feature on it. So here is my gorgeous mother wearing one of the latest additions to her vast wardrobe. I have a dress made in the exact same fabric but I have nowhere to wear it to.

The lady that made these dresses will definitely be making my dress for my graduation ball in 3 years...cannot wait!!!


Monday, 20 June 2011

The calm between two storms....

I thought it would be a good idea to get up to quite a bit during the 4 days I had between my exams and my 4 week next placement. So on the day my exam finished, I went for dinner at an Iranian restaurant with a group of friends. Although it was good food, one thing I can say is, nothing compares to home cooking (the boyfriend's mum's scrumptious food).

That lamb was absolutely gorgeous! It literally fell off the bone and I think I may have found rice that rivals Nigerian jollof rice.

top/thrifted, trousers/H&M, Bag/Primark, Shoes/Newlook

Still having to go to university whilst everybody else seems to be on holiday is killing me. Cant wait for July to finally come around! I think I need a shopping trip to lift up my spirits and add some colour to my neutral wardrobe!


Sunday, 19 June 2011


Meeting Skream and Benga whilst chilling in hospitality

5 days on and I am still on the road to recovery!

The weekend that began with Friday 10th of June might have been the last weekend in Manchester for most students at my university but for me it was the perfect post exam celebration.

Friday's dose of old skool hip-hop at 'Juicy' officially set the tone for what turned out to be the biggest party weekend in Manchester this summer.

Trying our best to stay warm and dry

Parklife, now in its second year, took place as a 2-day Festival on a park in the heart of student Manchester. With a varied live-up that included international acts (Kelis, Grandmaster Flash) as well as British talents (Chase and Status, Skream, Benga, Labrinth...), even the downpour of classic Manchester monsoon-type rain couldn't keep us away on the Sunday.

I wonder how long it will take for the grass to grow back....I would hate to be that guy

Chase and Status throwing it down on Main Stage.

I have to say that Labrinth's style is always on point!

He has an amazing voice.

Skream and Benga (we got a cheeky handshake when we called him by his real name Gbenga!)

Besides the poor sound-system on saturday and the fact that some of my favourite acts were performing at the same time, It was £60 (exc booking fee) well spent. With so many people I know at university graduating this year, it was nice to catch one last glimpse of their faces (before they join the real world) at such a great event.

Highlights include:
-Seeing Boys Noize for the 3rd/4th time (I think...)
-Bouncing along to the end of Kelis' Bounce
-Raving it up to Seth Troxler
-Discovering SBTRKT
-Meeting Skream and Benga
-Front row at Labrinth, Skream & Benga, and Chase & Status

Fikki and Lola

Thursday, 9 June 2011

James Blake Gig

Wore this to see James Blake for the 3rd time at Sankeys. Very nice night with great music but the stage was too low so i couldn't see anything. sucks being 5'2.

Got this skirt from my trusty charity shop for £2! and in pristine condition as well. I don't think they understand how sought after clothes like this are in other areas. Oh well all the better for me!

Skirt/Thrifted, Bag/Urban Outfitters, Everything else/Primark
Lola xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lady Of Leisure

i.e the life of a graduate with 3 months to do whatever!

1- Laying on the warm grass in the park on a rare sunny day in Manchester
2&3 lovely clear skies and pretty park
4 The issue came with a free vest top. perfect for my trip away.
5 Drinking yummy green tea inbetween viewing houses with Fikki. Gonna be living together :)

Summer holiday is gonna be good!

Lola x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rebel Bingo

Last night, i went to a rebel bingo party. This is basically playing bingo while clubbing, they pop up in different cities and this is the second time i've been to their event. Its a fun concept and i really got into playing. I was so close to winning with two numbers on my card left which was sad as the prize was two tickets to bestival. gutted! Nevertheless, it was alot of fun.

Boredom and not having any structure that i had while in university this year has lead me to constantly sewing and modifying my clothes. This is quite good as i planned on not buying much for a summer wardrobe so now i have alot to show!

Skirt/American Apparel, The Rest/Primark, Necklace/Topshop
Lola xx
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