Thursday, 5 January 2012

A bit late but...seasons greetings!

2012 B******.  That has literally been my favourite phrase since 00:01am 01/01/12

Before it is too late, I thought I would quickly share with you snippets of my Christmas holiday (its a bit out of season...but who cares).
Whilst Lola was having Christmas under the yellow sun, something i haven't done for years, I was wearing warm cosy jumpers in the UK.

Red jumper/Primark; Rings/Topshop, Miss selfridge

In the hope of having more than Jollof rice and chicken for christmas (because I have it every other day) I took the responsibility of preparing most of the meal we had.

Three days of baking and cooking for 12 guests and to throw a spanner in the works, I was informed we were expecting 3 extra guests three hours before lunch was to be served.

And the results...I have to say was a shock to myself and my family and friends. Whoever I marry will have to constantly have his eating pants on! My biggest achievements were the cookies, yule log, mackerel pate and smoked salmon canapĂ© tarts because its pretty difficult to screw up a roast.

And we wouldn't be nigerians if there was no jollof rice on christmas day so for dinner rather than having left-overs, jollof and fried rice made by my other family members brought the food-filled day to a nice end.

I may be 3kg heavier but who cares when you are this happy!




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  1. ayyyy yahhh ahhh did well! I know that feeling of having so much guests but it wouldn't be christmas without them. seasons greetings x


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