Thursday, 26 April 2012

Not just medical...

I never wanted to be that medical student whose life was literally only encompassed with all things medical. But over the last couple of months it seems like all I do recently has to do with boosting my medical career and nothing else.

Whether its trying to create a kick ass dissertation (so i get a quality degree in order to get a good medical job) or scrambling around to set up a novel society (which is exciting but is mainly being done so I get a good job), everything I seem to do lately is focussed on one thing only...

And for the first time in 4 years, I am simply worn out...

So many things I used to enjoy doing have had to take a back seat and unfortunately this blog became one of them. Blogging used to be a pastime I actually savoured doing and for the past year, I feel like I am often trying to post for the sake of it. I cant speak for lola but I personally wanted this url to be more than just pictures of myself in my clothes...I wanted to have more features, themed post etc

But now I dont even have the time to watch fashion TV (my 6th form obsession), surf the net for some daily fashion fixes or even read a magazine...and what is taking up my precious time...medicine. As much as I love it and cant imagine doing any other thing in the world (except for maybe being Rihanna - her instagram makes me wish I lived her life)...Im slightly angry this is what my life has become... 

**stops pouring heart**

 I wore this dress and Jacket the other day. Don't remember where I went or what I did but I took a picture of what I wore. They were both a sweet bargain from H&M and are simple basic wardrobe pieces. The outfit could have done with a bit of jewellery but this was dissertation time so I am surprised the dress isn't back to front. You can see the pain in my eyes!!!

This bag is my favourite vintage piece at the moment. I literally heart it. Its a Pierre Balmain bag that is perfect for everyday use as its big enough for all my sh*t!

Dress and Jacket/H&M; Bag/Pierre Balmain


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lust List: The Procrastination Edition #2

Instead of doing any work, I'm been looking online at new stuff I want. It is seriously the best way to just waste time. I'm really noticing the benefits of the wardrobe rehab I did a month or so ago. It means I know what I'm lacking and right now its shirts. I own far too many casual tops.

   Topshop Raver Perspex Mix Sandals, Warehouse Oversized Sheer Top

- Love those Topshop sandals. Its now top on my list of things i want. They are hot!
- The sheer top was in a guardian on-line feature and i instantly wanted it. Unfortunately, they ran out of my size, so I hope I find one like it somewhere

Been needing to get new shirts as I noticed I'm lacking in that area. Especially loving the blue scarf print shirt. Both from Zara - here and here

Back to work now. Two more weeks and I am free!

Lola x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Candy Floss

Putting my two cents into floral print trend. Fikki and I got our hands on them a few weeks back but never got round to wearing them (she will be showing hers next). Blame it on the essay hell, jogging bottoms are just more enticing when stressing out because of essays. However, i got an evening off and wore them to dinner two nights ago with my boyfriend to a Greek restaurant. Had loads of yummy seafood.

Trousers/H&M, Jumper/Topshop, Heels/Office

Lola x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cream on Cream

I took a break from dissertation writing to go see the hunger games with Lola...and I do have to say it was a great film which I recommend should be seen by everyone. Totally tempted to read the books now.

Ever since the first time I wore my H&M riding pants, I have literally been obsessed with them. They look great with literally everything...who needs American Apparel, when you have a great pair for a fraction of the price.

I bought the jumper I am wearing very recently from Topshop. I have wanted a slouchy cream jumper for a long time and I am currently searching for a black one like it, as it goes perfectly with everything. Can't wait to wear it with the H&M floral trousers I bought the other day (btw check out H&M's concious collection - AMAZING!)

Riding Pants/H&M; Jumper/Topshop; Boots/Primark


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The Easter weekend literally flew by...

A combination of bad weather and looming deadlines meant Lola and I spent most of the Easter weekend with our heads buried in our books.

So we decided that on Easter Sunday we would take a break from studying and host a Traditional-British Sunday roast at our house for a few friends. It ended up being a great idea since we were all spending the holiday away from our families :-(

Lola: Dress/Zara
Fikki: Top/Primark; Skirt/Topshop

And now, with the long weekend is officially over, its back to the books.

Although we may take a cheeky trip to the cinema tomorrow to watch The Hunger Games (slightly excited!).


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

At The Tate

Met up with my friend Maureen for a trip to the Tate and lunch. She really wanted to see the new Damien Hirst exhibition (who she really loves!) which is on till September. Unfortunately, it was £14 to see it and i just splashed out on a summer holiday to Cancun so I just couldn't spare the cash. The exhibition is a substantial collation of all his work and I would still really like to see it. We did however get to see 'For the love of God' which is a skull encrusted in Diamonds. It was the only thing on display for free. And then went to see some other exhibitions. Already made plans to go back next month when I'm back in London. Any Hirst fans out there?

Also why has the weather decided to turn so bad? Went out without a coat today and I was freezing. 

My Skirt looks so shiny white. Took these on my iPhone so they refused to come out right. Oh well back in Manchester tomorrow :)

Oh yeh changed my hair again. Back to longish hair. For now.

And finally, Thank you to all our new followers for subscribing.

Skirt/Zara, Sweater/Thrifted, Shoes/Primark, Bag/Vintage

Lola xx


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Fikki and i love instagram, as i'm sure most of you do as well. These are just a few shots from the last week and half ago or so. You can also follow fikki and i : @fikki_orek and @lolaface7

1. Yummy latte from Kro bar in Manchester 2. Neighbourhood park in the heatwave 3. New ear cuff from H&M 4. Gin and Tonic time! 5. Gift package from my aunty as a thank you for being a bridesmaid 6. My bridesmaid flowers :)

Lola x
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