Thursday, 26 April 2012

Not just medical...

I never wanted to be that medical student whose life was literally only encompassed with all things medical. But over the last couple of months it seems like all I do recently has to do with boosting my medical career and nothing else.

Whether its trying to create a kick ass dissertation (so i get a quality degree in order to get a good medical job) or scrambling around to set up a novel society (which is exciting but is mainly being done so I get a good job), everything I seem to do lately is focussed on one thing only...

And for the first time in 4 years, I am simply worn out...

So many things I used to enjoy doing have had to take a back seat and unfortunately this blog became one of them. Blogging used to be a pastime I actually savoured doing and for the past year, I feel like I am often trying to post for the sake of it. I cant speak for lola but I personally wanted this url to be more than just pictures of myself in my clothes...I wanted to have more features, themed post etc

But now I dont even have the time to watch fashion TV (my 6th form obsession), surf the net for some daily fashion fixes or even read a magazine...and what is taking up my precious time...medicine. As much as I love it and cant imagine doing any other thing in the world (except for maybe being Rihanna - her instagram makes me wish I lived her life)...Im slightly angry this is what my life has become... 

**stops pouring heart**

 I wore this dress and Jacket the other day. Don't remember where I went or what I did but I took a picture of what I wore. They were both a sweet bargain from H&M and are simple basic wardrobe pieces. The outfit could have done with a bit of jewellery but this was dissertation time so I am surprised the dress isn't back to front. You can see the pain in my eyes!!!

This bag is my favourite vintage piece at the moment. I literally heart it. Its a Pierre Balmain bag that is perfect for everyday use as its big enough for all my sh*t!

Dress and Jacket/H&M; Bag/Pierre Balmain



  1. ooooh I have the exact same bag! thrifted find are actually great!!

  2. I do love the bag!! And your bun!
    Good luck with all your dissertation and everything, medicine wow that's impressive! I've actually applied for midwifery and I hear the course becomes your life but you're near the end now so you can stick it out and then have so much free time to get back to your life!

  3. ur bun is lush ..<3 ur style

  4. Thought you might be into this: :)

    Sign up!

  5. i love that bag !!
    and your bun !! ooh cant wait to do mine !! xx

  6. thanks a lot !
    yes I always find something at gina tricot
    xx ali avenue

  7. i love the dress! I got the same in black it fits so well :)

  8. love your dress and your handbag! you look amazing! x

  9. nice outfit love that bag.

    visit my blog

  10. Nice outit& of luck with your studies!

  11. vet nice hun very nice I love the bag

  12. thanks for the lovely comments...i am slowly recovering from my university work overload and I feel all the better for it. xx

  13. Love ur dress,thx for stopping by my blog following back ;)

  14. Love your dress, and your bag too.
    Have a great weekend!!


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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