Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Catch (-up) of the day

There is always one person within all groups of friends that seems to have the amazing talent of getting everybody together....be it for birthdays, casual trips and holidays or just a general catch up...that person seems to be able to get friends living on the other side of the planet to attend.

Unfortunately, I seem to either lack such a skill or simply cannot be bothered to make the effort of organising meet-ups. I am normally the person who is told where they have to be and then arrives late. So this time, I took it upon myself to organise dinner with 3 of my friends. We all live within an hour of each other (maximum) yet rarely find the time to all meet up for a good banter-sesh...so after briefly seeing each other at yet another medic event, I was adamant that this time we would all make dinner plans!

So after several texts back and forth with the other girls, I booked a table for 4 at 6:30pm at Live Bait, a seafood restaurant at the heart of Manchester. Whilst I arrived at 6:27pm to be precise, the rest of my party decided to stroll in at around 6:50 and 7:15. I held back my complaints, barely, and enjoyed a lovely meal followed by cocktails at a local bar. 

If you find yourself in the city of Manchester, definitely check it out. My personal highlight was the seared red-mullet dish I had but the mussels and seafood platter looked particularly tasty from what I could tell. Dessert was not too exciting but I suppose if fish desserts do not exists you can't expect dessert to be amazing at a seafood joint.... 

Trousers/Zara; Shoes/Zara; Shirt/Primark; Rings/Topshop

Three courses at Livebait, Manchester: Whitebait and aoli; Red mullet; Crumble



  1. Lovely! That blouse looks really good on you :)

    Xo Jules

  2. i'm pretty much the same! i can't be organising things such as that - i hate organising my birthdays lol. the food looks so bloody good and so does your outfit. did you go for salmon colours intentionally...? :P

    lovely post x

  3. cute post! I'm more the person that organises things but try and make it seem like its someone else's idea incase plans fall through LOL!!
    WOW! Is that all your hair? Its grown like....INSANELY!!!


  4. Thanks guys...

    @Jacquie, I wish there was ever that much thought into my outfit.

    @Onysxta: Its a kinky straight weave...literally the best hair I have ever bought. This is my fourth install of the same one pack of hair and its still going strong. I may move towards buying it in 22 inches (Lol!) as this is currently a 16 inch.

  5. That shirt is pretty killer and the food looks amazing! You're right about everyone having that one friend that's good at getting everyone together though! It's harder the older you get, but so worth it. Seems like you had a good time!


  6. Agree with you on having that one friend that brings everyone together--love your blouse dear and you seem like you had fun!



Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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