Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunny May

The sunny nice weather is back in all its full glory in England. As soon as I saw the forecast last week, I made plans with Laura to visit Didsbury like we wanted to. Fikki couldn't come along cause of her impending exam (sad face). I definitely have to exploit this free time I have as much as possible before I am no longer a student.

It was nice visiting the area as in my four years here we have not really done a proper wander around the area. After faffing around with what to wear as I’m in that awkward stage of trying to find something that isn’t too short, we set off on the bus. Our first mission was to check out the charity shops and the first one we went did not disappoint at all. It was quite hidden on a corner street and the most expensive item in the place was about £4. I love finding a charity shop that isn’t interested in ripping people off and it’s certainly a place I will be visiting again. We then walked down to Folk, a lovely café/bar which looked so pretty and had G & T with some lunch. Although I'm moving back to London, when I settle down this seems like the perfect place to live. It has got the right balance that I need in a neighbourhood.

Dress/Thrifted & altered by me; Sandals/Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters; Bag/Zara; Necklace/Random

Bought this dress at a charity store in London last year. When I bought it, it was midi length, just so frumpy and I was so close to returning it but rather than doing that I just cut the hem to my preferred length and sewed it back up, all rather simple. I now take this into account when shopping at charity shops. If I find something I really like, its better to take out the time to make the alterations, even if complicated. The end result always makes me happy. I have another dress I drastically altered which I shall be showing you guys soon. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

Lola xx


  1. likkkkkkkkke!

  2. Loves it!

  3. Nice outfit! I love your bag

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  4. i really like the simplicity of this outfit, the jean color looks really pretty on you also!


  5. really nice, the sandals are hawt :) the charity shopping tips are brill, i just wish i wasn't so scissor happy when it comes to diy!

    noireetmince :)


  6. Beautiful pictures. And I am in LOVE with your bag!x

  7. i love your dress! so cute!


  8. perfect dress honey, i really love it!

    have a great day!



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