Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lunch with Mr PhD

It's always nice when an old university friend comes to visit...

This time last week, our good friend, Reiss, took time out of his busy PhD and popped up to see us. In my head, we were the main reason he came to stay in Manchester for the weekend...
Forget the Blink 182 concert...

Reiss is possibly one of the best dressed young men I know and these photos speak for themselves. The glimpse of his green socks paired with the brown brogues was what made this 'casual lunch date with friends outfit' absolutely amazing!

So we thought it would be great to catch up over a spot of lunch at Chaophraya and then round things off with a slice of cake at Teacup, possibly one of the best tea places in the city (people were queueing up the street that day just to get a table). I had a yummy white chocolate and poppy seed cake which put me in a well deserved sugar coma! If you are ever in Manchester definitely check out Teacup! We both wore pencil skirts in different ways to our lunch date. Lola teamed velvet with powder pink and I work dark colours with a touch of gold.

From top left (clockwise): Jasmine tea at Chaophraya; Chaophraya menu; 
Outside Teacup in Manchester; White chocolate and poppy seed cake at Teacup.     
Lola: Jumper/Topshop; Skirt/Topshop

Fikki: Cardigan/Topshop; Crop/Primark; Necklace/Primark; Skirt/Old secondary school skirt 


Ps 3 day till Cancun!!!!!!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Successful End

It has taken nine long months of numerous futile experiments, a 15000 word dissertation, several presentations and a couple exams...but I now finally have a few letters after my name:

 BSc (Hons)

Although its not the end of my time at university (I still have 2 more years before the 'Miss' is a 'Dr'), it feels very nice to finally see the fruits of my labour.  With a first class degree in the bag, I feel like the tears I shed throughout the year  and the entire struggle was worth it!

So to celebrate our success, my course-mates and I went for drinks and dinner at Room restaurant in Manchester. I wore another great find from New look's limited edition collection. The print on this dress is absolutely gorgeous. The sad thing was that they had trousers in the exact same print but my limited budget prevented me from taking those home too. I teamed the dress with my silver cuff and black accessories. 

Dress/New Look; Shoes/New Look; Cuff/eBay; Clutch/do not remember

Food Porn (from top left, clockwise)
Celebratory cocktail: Rhubarb & custard champagne cocktail 
Starter: Pork and apple with squid (surf n turf)
Main: Cullen skink (smoked haddock and leek chowder)
Trio of desserts: Peanut butter ice-cream,  brioche and jam sandwich, banana panna cotta

Looking forward to heading back to my medical degree in August!



Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Five Day Party: Club Tropicana to Parklife to Watch the Throne

To celebrate the last few days of the semester and Lola's last few days as a student in Manchester, we thought it would be a great idea to party like a true Manchester student...
Not just once but for five days in a row.

Aside from a serious case of tiredness, nearly being crushed to death and the lost/stolen iphone scenario it was five days well spent. My personal top five highlights were:

1) Dancing to a Riot Jazz with flowers in my hair
2) Rocking out to French duo Justice on a friend's shoulders
3) Amazing Light show at the Nero set at Parklife
4) Chilling out on the grass to the sultry sounds of Delilah
5) Balling so hard to Jay and Kanye (front row at watch the throne)

These instagram pictures sum up the 5 days perfectly:

Top row (L-R): Made in America; Pangea club tropicana; Crowd at Justice; Diamonds in the sky
Middle row (L-R): Parklife day 2; Jigga who?; Shoulder party; Parklife main stage
Bottom row (L-R): Muddy wellies; Great friends; Dizzee's light show; Ninjas at Parklife?!?

More great times to come this summer 2012!



Sunday, 17 June 2012

Holiday Haul: Woven Accessories

Nothing says summer quite like woven accessories. Straw tote bags, woven sandals and a few braided bracelets to complete any arm party, these accessories make you look like you are on holiday even when you are not...This trend featured strongly in Burberry Porsum spring/summer 2012 collection. 

Burberry Porsum spring/summer 2012 

 Luckily our holiday is slightly more than a week away and we both picked up some cute woven accessories that we will definitely be sporting abroad. Lola got this awesome woven bag from a vintage store on her trip to Didsbury in Manchester whilst I got these woven sandals in the office clearance store in Manchester. I plan on relying on these on lazy beach days in Cancun.

Vintage woven bag

Office woven sandals

So whether you are going on holiday or not, make every day this summer feel like you are on vacation with one of these woven accessories currently available on the highstreet:

1)Zara raffia box bag £19.99
2)Zara woven thong sandal £59.99
3) Topshop woven leather purse £16.00
4) Asos bertie moira woven flat shoes £35.00



Friday, 8 June 2012

DIYDS: Coffee Table Coasters

Another long overdue edition of Do It Your Damn Self. After my essays, I've started to tick off all the things I've been wanting to complete and this was the first one I finished. I have quite alot of scrap material from sewing clothes and making alterations which I have kept just incase they came in handy but now I have kept too much and its just spilling out all over our study. So when I recently saw this post on Pschh I Can Make That about how to use up scrap material, I thought it would be perfect to use the scrap faux leather from a H&M skirt that I shortened to make some coasters using the basic concepts in the original post.

1) Cut up the scrap material you have into circles. I used cellotape to get a good circular shape.

2) To make the coasters thick, I cut smaller circles which will be sandwiched in between two leather circles.

3) I then ironed out all the circles I cut out to make sure they were smooth when I sew them eventually.

4) I then made mini sandwiches with two leather circles and as many smaller scrap material as you need. I wanted mine a little bit thick so i used 6 in each sandwich.

5) Pin down all the edges so that when you sew it, it does not move around which will ruin the shape of the coaster. I learnt the hard way when the initial coaster i made was ruined because the edges bubbled up and did not come out as a perfect circle. If that makes any sense.

6) Now sew! Using my sewing machine, I sewed around the edges using a wide zig zag stitch. and the finished item should look something like this. 

I'm happy that I was able to find a useful purpose for the scrap leather I had as it would have gone to waste. They make a perfect addition to our living room especially when we have guests over. or as Abby from Pschh I Can Make That suggested, they make a nice gift for friends or family. Love it!

Lola xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Holiday haul: Maximised

Recently, every summer has been maxi season and this one is no different!

Whether its a maxi skirt or dress, the added length adds a touch of femininity to any look and luckily there are so many styles available on the high street at the moment.

However this season, when it come to maxi skirts it is all about the peak-a-boo effect...think sexy thigh-high slits and sheer fabrics that offer a glimpse of what's underneath. They can be dressed up or down and offer practicality as well as style, keeping you cool yet covered with a dose of sexy sophistication. Ticks all the boxes!

So as part of our pre-holiday/summer shop, Lola and I both picked up a maxi skirt or two. As a shorter girl (a measly 5'4'') I plan on wearing mine with a pair of flatforms during the day or some heels at night, but that is definitely not a requirement just a preference. I like the illusion of height even if I know I cant ever make it a reality.

Both skirts are from New Look's limited edition collection and both do the peak-a-boo angle but in different ways. The colour block skirt (left) has a double slit in front whilst the black skirt (right) combines two trends, neon and sheer. Looking forward to wearing these whilst in Cancun!

Here are some other awesome examples of maxi skirts which show just a glimpse of leg...

Although the weather in the UK doesn't exactly scream summer at the moment, these skirts definitely make you think that sunny weather may come round once again.



Friday, 1 June 2012

Post exam drinks in florals

12:45pm on Monday 28th of March 2012 = 95% of my Pathology BSc completed...
and in my head this means that I virtually have letters after my name.  

After virtually studying non stop since September 2011, it is nice to finally have some time to rest my brain and luckily I managed to catch the last few days of sunshine in England!

To celebrate the semi-end of our course, my course-mates and I had a lovely lunch in the centre of the city. The task of finding a table for 11 outside any restaurant, so we could all finally be able to relax in the sun, was a lot more difficult than we anticipated. 

We spent a few more hours lounging in the sun, making the most of our new found freedom, whilst watching Djokovic at the French in the sun just makes me think Wimbledon...cant wait!

Rounded up the day with a spot or 10 of drinks. After spending weeks staring at a computer screen and images of cells, it was nice to finally let my hair down and also finally wear my H&M floral trousers...

I bought this over a month ago and thought there was no point wearing them if I was going to be stuck in my study all day and night! I really love the cut. They show just the right amount of ankle which in my opinion makes these trousers so perfect. Forget the print because if it was a different print we would all still have bought it!

Top/Ark; Trouser/H&M; Shoes/Primark; Sunglasses/Chloe

I always envisioned wearing it with a jumper but a jumper in 25 degree heat would not have been ideal so I wore it with this top which I have had for a while. I would have preferred to wear it with a white top but I currently lack one that isn't long sleeved so I think I will be heading to Zara to buy the top below very soon. Its less than £20 making it a good option.

Zara top with gathered back £19.99 (in stores now)

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