Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mint Green Blazer

A few weeks ago, Lola and I were sent some clothes from Glamorous (Thank you!) and I have been itching to wear them and share it with you guys. Whilst Lola has had a string of people willing to take photos for her at home, I have been without a housemate for the last couple of weeks meaning that taking photos of myself was a huge challenge...I am not a fan of timers! 

This gave me the perfect reason to finally invest in a wireless remote and so I did (check out ebay if you have the same predicament). Luckily on the day the remote finally came in the post, I was heading out for drinks with some friends later that evening. Perfect opportunity to wear this mint green blazer!

A stack of books (my makeshift tripod) and a brand new wireless remote to hand...I was ready to shoot!

I have been lusting after a mint green blazer all S/S12 but limited funds meant I never got round to buying one. So when I saw this blazer on the website, it was a definite must have. The loose fit means the jacket drapes really well and if mint green isn't your thing, it also comes in a couple other colours (pink and cream). 

I wore it with a blue thrifted MaxMara Skirt and a white blouse to complete the pastel palette of the look. The clutch is a recent buy from primark. I popped in to get some tights and left with this...still tightless!

Blazer/Glamorous*; Blouse/Thrifted; Skirt/MaxMara (thrifted); Clutch/Primark; Ring/eBay

Oh and one last thing the jacket is currently on sale on the website...a massive 50% off the original price!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Making my nails look pretty

Here are two ways I did my nails recently which I love and have been repeating.
I'm really not clued up to doing my nails at all. It's really hard, I have limited artistic flair and and I end up smuging everything due to my impatience. So when I tried out these two styles, it was great as they are so easy and effortless. So, if you're like me, try these easy styles out.

Red French Mani

  • For a perfect line, I covered my nails with cellotape and only exposed the part I wanted the red polish on
  • After the polish is on and dried, then take the tape off. make sure its dry before taking it off. 
  • Put a coat of clear polish to make sure it stays on

Ombre Mani

For this, I used a great tutorial from Laura over at Chambray + Curls. She has loads of great tutorials on her blog that are quite simple to follow. She uses peach melba for her ombre but i decided to use yellow for a neon look.

  • Put on base coat as usual and then cover with the white paint and let it dry completely.
  • Mix your preferred colour (I used Barry M yellow) with the clear polish on cling film.
  • Use a cotton pad to dab on nail. Let it dry and then put your top coat. 

For the full tutorial with pictures on Laura's blog, clicky here

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tan Leopard

Whilst on holiday my sister was my personal paparazzi. Normally when I am at my family home, she loves to help with taking pictures for the blog. Before going away I mentioned to her that she will be helping me take blog photos and she was excited by the prospects of it.

However once we got back, she vowed never to take another blog photo of me, ever again. Honestly, I don't blame her. It could not have been fun taking several pictures of someone everyday in 40 degree celsius heat when all you want is to sit down, cool off and have an ice lolly. 

However on one day the roles were reversed and for the first time ever she agreed to let me showcase what she wore on our blog. Finally! :-D


Monday, 20 August 2012

Island hop: Malta - day 4

My final post from my trip to Malta and it feels a bit sad writing it because it means that my summer is officially over :-(

On our last day of the trip (actually day 8, I forgot to take pictures of what I wore on some days), my sister and I took the ferry to Gozo, one of the islands of the Maltese archipelago. We decided to do the classic sightseeing tour bus as we only had one day in Gozo and wanted to make sure we took in as many sights as possible. My favourite spot on the island was the azure window which reminded me of the 'fun' days of geography A-level!

I bought this playsuit during a BOGOF sale at urban outfitters in Covent Garden at the same time that lola bought her dress. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I know Ill be wearing it in winter with a pair of tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket (when I finally buy one). 



Saturday, 18 August 2012

Secret Garden: Malta - day 3

One thing that Malta is famous for is the number of grand churches located on the island. But in my opinion once you have visited two, the rest all look the same. So after seeing yet another church (the third and final one we visited), my sister and I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon walking around the beautiful San Anton Gardens.

The last time I visited a garden on holiday was in Tunis and I completely forgot how much I loved spending hours exploring it with my cousin. This time round, the adventure was with my sister and we had a blast. Who knew peacocks could run that fast? After having our second picnic of the trip and getting lost in a very simple maze, we decided to call it a day and head back to my sister's flat. A great day was however ruined by a 2 hour wait for the bus...Arriva buses in Malta need to step up their game!

These trousers have become my new holiday favourite. I have never worn them in the UK and wore them on each of my trips this summer...a well travelled pair of trousers! This time I teamed it with a floral bralet...florals in a garden, how fitting!

Trousers/Thrifted; Bralet/Topshop; Sunglasses/Chloe; Ring/Topshop

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cut Out Shirt

Last week, Fikki and I were sent some lovely items from Glamorous (thank you!) and we have been looking forward to showing you guys what we got. We will be showing the rest of the stuff as soon as we can but first this shirt! It was the first thing that caught my eye and I thought, lets see what I can do with it. When I first tried it on, I thought the cut out would be a bit too much on show but it was just right. I just love the contrast against my skin and the fabric is silkier than I thought it would be (lush). Personally, I  think its best worn with jeans or black trousers for a monochrome look. A simple look is all that's needed. 

Went to Proud in Camden for a free event by Juicy Manchester on Tuesday night. The popular club night in Manchester were launching their night in London and I went there with friends and my sister to see what it was about.  Let's just say I miss my Manchester.

The  shorts from Urban Outfitters. I was looking for something nice for festivals and my holiday to Mexico when i came across this for £22. Bargain! The light lavender colour drew me to it, shame it doesn't really show up in the pictures. 

And oh got my hair done again by my cousin and unoffical photographer, Adeola (Thanks!). This is hands down the best length I've had my braids. 

Shorts/Urban Outfitters


Friday, 10 August 2012

Bloggers Meet Up: Spitalfields

From L - R: Me!, Cynthia, Promise, Wunmi, TabokaJen, Michelle and Jen
Others I remember meeting but are not in the picture because they left early are Epiphanne, Sheree, Temi and Eniola

On Thursday, I went to a bloggers meet up in London organized by Promise from Follow me in 5 inch heels. I had to do this one alone as Fikki is still in Malta (boo!). Promise managed to get about 25 of us to meet up in Spitafields for dinner at Giraffe with some who I met last year and most I was meeting for the first time. Despite the horrible service we got as they were definitely not prepared for our large group, we all had fun getting to know each other and talk about a whole load of stuff. Because of that, I was too preoccupied and only managed to get one picture at the end of the night with the girls who stayed till the very end.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Burst of Orange: Malta - day 2

My face was literally melting on this day. My sister and I ventured into the desert to a little craft village, where they made all sorts of souvenirs from stunning glassware to amazing pottery and exquisite jewellery. It was such a shame that we didn't have any money to purchase much...I was eyeing up a 75 euro serving-dish that I thought would look perfect at dinner parties in my future house. People who know me, know that I love collecting pieces from around the globe for my future home.

Dress/Primark; Belt/Topshop

imagine falling into a bush of those bad boys...

So after watching glass-blowing at the craft village we decided to head to the edge of the island and take in the spectacular views that we had heard so much about. So after waiting for approximately 2 hours for a bus (maltese buses are ridiculously irregular) we finally made it to the cliff edge and I have to say it was worth the stressful journey. 

A perfect place to have a picnic! And whilst in the Med and looking out to the Mediterranean Sea, we thought it best to have a Mediterranean-themed picnic...bread, olives, cheeses, salami...yum! With a slice of watermelon to cool off.

on a backdrop of pure blue...Bliss! where does the sky meet the sea?

Dingli cliffs - spectacular views off the coast of Malta 

earrings/primark; sunglasses/vintage 

rings: topshop and h&m

picnic time...maltese soft! 

refreshing watermelon

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