Friday, 24 August 2012

Making my nails look pretty

Here are two ways I did my nails recently which I love and have been repeating.
I'm really not clued up to doing my nails at all. It's really hard, I have limited artistic flair and and I end up smuging everything due to my impatience. So when I tried out these two styles, it was great as they are so easy and effortless. So, if you're like me, try these easy styles out.

Red French Mani

  • For a perfect line, I covered my nails with cellotape and only exposed the part I wanted the red polish on
  • After the polish is on and dried, then take the tape off. make sure its dry before taking it off. 
  • Put a coat of clear polish to make sure it stays on

Ombre Mani

For this, I used a great tutorial from Laura over at Chambray + Curls. She has loads of great tutorials on her blog that are quite simple to follow. She uses peach melba for her ombre but i decided to use yellow for a neon look.

  • Put on base coat as usual and then cover with the white paint and let it dry completely.
  • Mix your preferred colour (I used Barry M yellow) with the clear polish on cling film.
  • Use a cotton pad to dab on nail. Let it dry and then put your top coat. 

For the full tutorial with pictures on Laura's blog, clicky here

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