Monday, 29 October 2012

And Another One

Been a litle awol on the blogosphere for a while now as I was so busy at a job and sorting out plans for the new year. All that stuff took over and I couldn't multi task as well as I wanted to. All will be revealed once I get a confirmation. Anyway, last weekend Fikki came to London as you can see from the previous post and we went out for drinks and a boogie. This is a long overdue post of what I wore.

Featured this leather skirt in this post here which I got for a whole £3 and finally got to wear it properly on the night out. Paired it with this shirt I bought in the Zara summer sale. 

Skirt/Charity Shop; Shirt/Zara, Boots/So You Shoes


Thursday, 25 October 2012

"...listen to the music of the night."

A trip to the theatre is one of my favourite pastimes and last Saturday I finally got the chance to see a musical I have wanted to see for so long, The Phantom of the Opera. The ticket was a birthday present from the boy and I have to say, he did an amazing job figuring it out. It was one show I have dreamt about seeing for the past 5 years...

Its one of those musicals that has been around for so long and even if you've never seen it, you would definitely recognise the amazing melodies that Andrew Lloyd Webber over 25 years ago. After seeing it, I can see why it has achieved such global popularity. Next on the list for me is Les Mis....

All in all, it was a great weekend as I also got to chill with Lola and party in London. 

I wore this dress from H&M that i absolutely adore. It is so flattering and I wish I also bought the black and white version before it sold out everywhere since it was only an awesome £12.99.

Dress and Cuffs/H&M; Ring/Topshop; Lipstick/Vamp by Sleek


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Currently loving...salt, pepper and chocolate truffles

Ever since I made these, over a week ago, I have been dying to repeat the recipe. I literally consumed a batch of 21 of these bite-size treats in about 2.5 days...the original plan was to eat 3 a day for a week...I even made 3 different flavours so I could stick to the plan #epic fail!

Nevermind, as long as you make attempts to work off the chocolatey goodness, who cares if you inhale them in a short space of time. I am suprised they lasted that long, it took sheer will and determination to avoid scoffing them all at once!

Anywoos, here is the recipe for these delightful treats. I initially planned on coating all of them in cocoa and then I had a light-bulb moment...

Salt, pepper and chocolate truffles - makes 20ish bite size truffles:

150g dark chcolate

80ml double cream
1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
1 tablespoon of Kahlua (but you can also use amarula, baileys, brandy, rum, bourbon...)

1) Melted chocolate (I wish i tempered it - for a glossier finish) with sprinkled rock salt
2) Melted chocolate with sprinkled dried ground pepper (I used nigerian dried ground scotch bonnet...fiery!)
3) Cocoa powder

How to:
Break up chocolate and place in a bowl.
Put butter and cream into a saucepan over medium heat and bring just to a boil.
Pour over broken chocolate and stir gently until you have a smooth mixture.
Stir in liqueur and refrigerate until firm (at least 4 hours or overnight)
Once firm, grab a heaped teaspoon sized amount and roll it into a bite-sized ball.
Placed on a tray and continue until you run out of chocolate.
Don't worry if they are misshapen (mine were!).

How to (coating):
1) Using two toothpicks dip your truffles into the melted/tempered chocolate, place on a tray and sprinkle with rock salt.
2) Using two toothpicks dip your truffles into the melted/tempered chocolate, place on a tray and sprinkle with dried ground pepper
3) Roll truffle in a plate of cocoa powder and place on a tray

Leave to refrigerate for a couple of hours and then try out each of your flavours before everyone else eats them all.

I think next time I might experiment with different coatings and flavouring...I'm thinking chocolate orange flavour or dessicated coconut, toasted nuts coatings...yum!

I took all the pictures before the coatings had set and forgot to one they had set...but you get the idea

Ps...they also make a great inexpensive gift for a friend. Just pop them into a box and tie a ribbon round the box!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Look Show 2012

My sister and I won two free tickets to the Look Show which was held last week Saturday. We seem to to be on a winning streak with all these competitions we enter which is great. After manoeuvring our way on the tube through the planned closures of over half the lines and unsuccessfully using using the iPhone maps to find the venue, we arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice. It was really a beautiful venue, one which I have always wanted to visit and it made such a great setting for a fashion show.


Monday, 8 October 2012

The Leather Skirt

On Saturday, my sister and I went to the Look magazine show as we had won tickets after entering their draw. Decided to wear this pu leather skirt Fikki and I each bought last year in the H&M sale for £7 which I have surprisingly never worn. The skirt was originally at midi length but it was all abit too much when worn so we cut off about 4 inches off the bottom of the skirt. After making the alterations, it had been living in my wardrobe for almost a year so I swished into it with this blue top I picked up in that charity shop. Had a fun time with my sister at the Look show and I will reveal what we got up to in another post.

To see other ways its been worn, check out an old post from Fikki and a recent post from Laura at Chambray + Curls.

Skirt/H&M; Top/Charity shop; Boots/So You Shoes 

As I'm currently away from Fikki, these pictures were taken by my brother, Alex who has been such so great and patient with my nagging when he's trying to concentrate on FIFA 13 so a big thank you to him.
And a big thank you to everyone who has followed our blog over the past month. It means alot and we hope you continue to like what we post!


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fur on Black

For the last few weeks it has been raining (virtually non stop) in Manchester. However there was a time last week when there was a speck of blue sky and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to wear my zara fur gilet. Since I bought it over a year ago, I think I have only worn it a couple of times because it is always too wet in Manchester and I definitely am not a fan of wet fur!

Fur gilet/Zara; Jumper/Balenciaga; Trousers/Zara; Earrings/Vintage

I wore this on an 'off' day...I woke up that morning, got dressed and drove to my morning session in hospital then decided I didn't feel like learning anything else that day so I drove home, threw on the gilet and spent the  rest of the day shopping in the city centre....#productive!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bold Background

I wore this outfit on a regular weekday at the hospital a while ago but forgot to blog about it. So the images have been sitting on my memory card anxiously waiting to be uploaded.

For me this outfit was perfect for a day on the wards.The sleeveless shirt meant I didn't die of heatstroke during the long morning on ward gets pretty hot and sweaty when 10 people are crammed behind a closed curtain, assessing a poorly patient. However, on that day I was most thankful for the slit at the front of that skirt. There is nothing worse than trying to chase after a senior doctor in a pencil skirt that only allows you to take baby-steps...not good!

Shirt/Primark; Skirt/Thrifted; Bag/casually taken from my mother's wardrobe

I just finished my orthopaedics rotation and honestly, I am happy its done...Studying all the different ways you can fracture all the bones in the body gets a bit dull after a while! Off to psychiatry next...wish me luck!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Melabelle Event

Last week, I was invited to a blogger event hosted by Melabelle on Portobello road. Melabelle is a women's wear label by Bella Cage. Spent the evening in the lovely little pop up store talking to all the other lovely bloggers there and browsing through all the beautiful clothes.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Lust List #4

Reflect Metal Heel Sandals - Topshop - £60
Jil Shoes - Nelly - £41.95

It's been a while since we had posted a lust list seeing as every week, there's always something new we are drooling over and our bookmark lists are crowded with links of new items. So here are just a few things we have been lusting after recently. Saw the knitted textured jumper on Robyn from Robyn Mayday which she wears in different styles on her blog (do check it out) and makes such a simple addition to any outfits this autumn. The cropped trousers are done in such a great print and would make a perfect addition to our wardrobes. Also, Lola got a £6 voucher from Nelly for her birthday so those Jil shoes are looking like a definite. What do you guys think? 

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