Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Manchester H&M Relaunch

After months of awkward entrances, reduced stock lists, and cornered off sections, the H&M store in Manchester city centre was officially relaunched last week with an exciting shopping event. Yummy mocktails, BBC Radio 1's Gemma Cairney on decks and a 20% off discount....can anyone tell me the last time H&M offered a discount to anyone?!? 

After days of being stuck at home revising for exams whilst Lola and the rest of the British public enjoyed the sunshine, this relaunch was definitely a good reason to put the revision on hold even if it was just for a few hours. 

 Unfortunately neither of us could take full advantage of the opportunity but we did manage to pick up wardrobe basics, blue skinnies for me and a black office skirt for Lola. We also got this cute top for an awesome £4. I wasn't too keen on it at first but after trying it on at home I agreed that it was worth the buy.

Top £4.99 (RRP) in H&M stores now 

As one of the first 200 customers, we were lucky to receive a lovely gift bag that contained the H&M magazine, a soft white scarf worth £6.99, and a £5 gift card...Definitely worth losing 1% on my exam paper!


Monday, 28 May 2012

The Weekend

I love how everyone's trying to get their bbq's in before this sunny weather in the UK goes. Wore this out to a friend's bbq/drinks with great 90's Hip Hop and my new favourite drink, Gin and Tonic. Anyone who follows me on Instagram would know how much I love the stuff. I blame my friends.

Shorts/H&M; Top/Matalan; Flatforms/Topshop 

 Lola xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunny May

The sunny nice weather is back in all its full glory in England. As soon as I saw the forecast last week, I made plans with Laura to visit Didsbury like we wanted to. Fikki couldn't come along cause of her impending exam (sad face). I definitely have to exploit this free time I have as much as possible before I am no longer a student.

It was nice visiting the area as in my four years here we have not really done a proper wander around the area. After faffing around with what to wear as I’m in that awkward stage of trying to find something that isn’t too short, we set off on the bus. Our first mission was to check out the charity shops and the first one we went did not disappoint at all. It was quite hidden on a corner street and the most expensive item in the place was about £4. I love finding a charity shop that isn’t interested in ripping people off and it’s certainly a place I will be visiting again. We then walked down to Folk, a lovely cafĂ©/bar which looked so pretty and had G & T with some lunch. Although I'm moving back to London, when I settle down this seems like the perfect place to live. It has got the right balance that I need in a neighbourhood.

Dress/Thrifted & altered by me; Sandals/Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters; Bag/Zara; Necklace/Random

Bought this dress at a charity store in London last year. When I bought it, it was midi length, just so frumpy and I was so close to returning it but rather than doing that I just cut the hem to my preferred length and sewed it back up, all rather simple. I now take this into account when shopping at charity shops. If I find something I really like, its better to take out the time to make the alterations, even if complicated. The end result always makes me happy. I have another dress I drastically altered which I shall be showing you guys soon. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

Lola xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A spot of tea on a Monday afternoon

Unlike this Monday and the next which have been tarnished by three-hour writing exam sessions and post exam hand cramp (from holding the pen too hard and etching scribbles that literally go through the exam booklet), last Monday was full of two of most people's favourite things in life: friends and food.

Lola and I met up with our friend Laura, for a casual afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols in Manchester. Throughout this month, they were hosting a special afternoon tea inspired by the new Jo Malone scent, Plum Blossom, so we thought it would be interesting to see how this influenced the food.

The summer, fresh, fruity and floral  essence (a few too many adjectives) of the new fragrance was captured particularly well in the sweets that were served. Think rosewater and raspberry tarts and a bergamot and (can't remember) mousse!

It was a great break away from my revision schedule and for the other two ladies, it was a nice start to their post essay enjoyments...

Once again I pulled out my skirt I bought from the Topshop clearance store. It has become such a wardrobe staple that I wonder what I wore before I had it. I teamed it with a blouse I thrifted the same day I came across that skirt and always planned to wear the two together but never did until then.

The fact it took me forever to find this blouse made me realise that I should really consider carrying out a wardrobe rehab, in the same way that Lola recently achieved. I would like to really define my aesthetic and refine my wardrobe so that the clothes I own truly express how I want/wish to dress. I am in the process of collecting images that I hope will help me achieve this post exams (the collection process is a great procrastination vice!)


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Catch (-up) of the day

There is always one person within all groups of friends that seems to have the amazing talent of getting everybody it for birthdays, casual trips and holidays or just a general catch up...that person seems to be able to get friends living on the other side of the planet to attend.

Unfortunately, I seem to either lack such a skill or simply cannot be bothered to make the effort of organising meet-ups. I am normally the person who is told where they have to be and then arrives late. So this time, I took it upon myself to organise dinner with 3 of my friends. We all live within an hour of each other (maximum) yet rarely find the time to all meet up for a good after briefly seeing each other at yet another medic event, I was adamant that this time we would all make dinner plans!

So after several texts back and forth with the other girls, I booked a table for 4 at 6:30pm at Live Bait, a seafood restaurant at the heart of Manchester. Whilst I arrived at 6:27pm to be precise, the rest of my party decided to stroll in at around 6:50 and 7:15. I held back my complaints, barely, and enjoyed a lovely meal followed by cocktails at a local bar. 

If you find yourself in the city of Manchester, definitely check it out. My personal highlight was the seared red-mullet dish I had but the mussels and seafood platter looked particularly tasty from what I could tell. Dessert was not too exciting but I suppose if fish desserts do not exists you can't expect dessert to be amazing at a seafood joint.... 

Trousers/Zara; Shoes/Zara; Shirt/Primark; Rings/Topshop

Three courses at Livebait, Manchester: Whitebait and aoli; Red mullet; Crumble


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Who knew topshop had a clearance store?

A couple weeks before Easter this year, I spent the night at Lola's family home in North London. As well as having an awesome selection of thrift stores not far from her house, there was one specific gem that had me green with envy.

Who knew that nestled amongst an array of stores within a small shopping centre in Egdeware, was a Topshop clearance store?!? As well as prices being more than 50% off the RRP, they were also having a BOGOF sale! I literally raided the rails and managed to get hold of a few awesome pieces that slot into my wardrobe perfectly.

 Unfortunately they didn't have any shoes available on sale but I did notice that all the shop assistants seemed to be wearing a pair of shoes I may once have drooled over on the topshop website. I'm guessing a big perk of the job is first dibs on everything that comes in...

 The second sad thing was that I had already spent a bit of cash on thrifting earlier that day and had to save some money for the OFWGKTA gig that evening. But for the sum of £40, I came home with a grand total of 2 jumper, a skirt and a pair of trouser...and I happen to be wearing two of these items in this post...Just realised everything, excluding the earrings, are topshop buys. The rings I am wearing are my new staple as they complement each other so well.

 I wore this outfit to a good friend's birthday at Gusto and the surprisingly warm weather allowed me the opportunity to expose my legs :-D (here is to hoping summer comes soon).

Everything Topshop, excluding earring (Primark)

Yummy cake from a Chinese light, fluffy and creamy!



Sunday, 6 May 2012


Loving and truly enjoying the free time I have. its probably going to be the last time I have nothing to do for a while cause dissertation comes up next month then i have to get a job so i'm just going to enjoy as much as I can. Wore this to drinks with my friends from my course at Kro bar, with the intention of going out after but everyone was just so tired so went home early. 

Primark has really at the bottom of my list for awhile now due to the fact that their clothes are the same price as H&M and I would rather go there. But i did a big shopping trip with Fikki and our friend, Kerry, when we decided to pop in and saw this shirt. Love the collar, it looks so pretty with anything and price wise it was not bad for £10. They also have it in blue which looks equally great. 

Trousers/Urban Outfitters, Wedge Heels/Random Shop

Enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow!

Lola xx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Green Velvet

Finally, I have finished with my essays for now and moving on to lazying around, tackling the massive pile of sewing projects I have, visiting many places around Manchester before moving back to London, and just blogging lots more. Plus in two weeks, I shall be jetting off to Milan for the weekend with my boyfriend. Looking forward to seeing all the sights, having good Italian food and lazing around in the sunshine!

Really annoyed as I took quite abit of pictures for this post but things went funny and most of them got corrupted :( but anyway....

Wore this to meet my sister who came to Manchester for the day for shopping. I'm really loving velvet after buying one of my favourite pieces, a red velvet skirt from Primark for £1. It's just something I shyed away without trying on. From what i remember, full on velvet dresses in the 90's was not hot. But when i saw this in the clearance Topshop near my place in London for £0 and just had to get it. Looks great with everything and is now one of my go to skirts when i can't think of what to wear. Shiny Shiny!

Skirt/Topshop; Jumper/H&M; Shoes/Garage 

 Lola xx
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