Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Record Store Day

Last weekend, Sarah from Fashion Dotty invited Fikki and I out to Record Store Day in the Northern Quarter. It was a nice and welcomed break from being stuck indoors revising for an exam I had on Tuesday plus it was too much of a sunny day to stay indoors. Record Store Day is a celebration of independent record stores and a celebration of music. Having never been before, we were excited to see what was on offer. There was plenty of CDs and vinyl on sale at Picadilly Records while at the Common they had live music all day. 

 Unfortunately, Fikki and I were too busy enjoying the amazing weather and drinking cider with Sarah and her boyfriend whilst listening to the music outside Common that we didn't get to buy any CDs. It makes me feel really bad because I don't buy and 'collect' music the way I used to when I was 16/17. I would buy the CDs of all my favourite bands, including all compilations and special editions.One of my most prized record is a Michael Jackson vinyl for 'Wanna be Starting Something' I bought in a random charity shop. Although I don't have the same love affair as I did with music when I saw younger, as this article in Fact put it rightly, lets just call it Record Store Life - check out the man in the article's amazing collection..

Also, I love it when Fikki and I are able to take outfit pictures together. Reminds me why I love blogging with her. Thanks Sarah for taking the pictures and for finding that perfect background.


Lola - Skirt/Primark; Creepers/Underground; Jacket/Diesel; Sunglasses/Sarahs!
Fikki - Dungarees/American Apparel; Jumper/Primark; Sunglasses/Ebay




  1. You guys look AMAZING! I absolutely love love love that red jumper. It's so cute, and my secret favorite color. About the music buying and collecting, I've noticed that about myself too. I used to be waaaay more proactive about buying physical albums, but nowadays digital is so easy that I just click, buy, and download. Smh

    1. Exactly. I can't even remember what an album sleeve looks like!

  2. The background definitely adds a good touch to your outfits.Can't remember ever buying a physical album so I don't blame u.x

  3. love your hair Lola!!!
    its also great to see your guys post together. one of my most favorite posts on Past Time Bliss.
    great backgound!

    x x

  4. Love how cool your blog it - want your style!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest posts:

    Crop top and white buckle sandals - Essex Inspired Outfit!

    Lily Lulu Leather Laser Cut Dress

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  5. You girls are looking gorgeous than ever! x

  6. Both of your outfits are lovely! Looks like such a fun day xx

  7. Love the pics and both outfits. Amazing blog!!

  8. I love the red dungarees! looks like a lot of fun x


  9. I just did a happy dance because its so hard to find bloggers in Manchester when you're me and barely have any suscribers, I love your blog and both of your styles are flawless!x

  10. You both look incredible!! i'd definitely wear both your outfits :)

  11. Love the outfit guys!

  12. Loving your red playsuit - it suits you and just stands out which is great :)
    Saadiya x


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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