Saturday, 27 April 2013

What to do with...25p exotic mushrooms

Fikki - As a proud Ijuebu girl I literally hate spending wasting my own money. The Ijebu people represent one of the many ethnic groups in Nigeria and a misconstrued stereotype about Ijebu people is our frugality. However I seem to live up to the stereotype in a few ways. I'm one of those strange people who insist on giving any food a good sniff before deciding whether it truly is past that silly sell-by date.


So can you imagine how happy I was when I saw a pack of exotic mushrooms in the reduced aisle of my local ASDA. I had always been meaning to buy a box but always got sidetracked by the cheaper box of plain white mushrooms. At only 25p for a box, I had to buy them. I definitely find it harder to resist a bargain compared to other people.


This is what I did with the box. 
1) A good selection of sliced exotic mushrooms - shitake, enokitake and oyster mushrooms. I love the texture of these mushrooms when cooked, they feel a lot more meatier than plain white ones. 
2) I added some cashew nuts, spring onions and red onions. 
3) Stir fry it all in a sauce of your choice. I had a stir fry sauce left over from another meal. I cant remember the ingredients in the sauce (i used random things in my cupboard) but you can use a sachet of ready made oriental sauce ie sweet and sour, hoisin, blackbean etc. 
4) Mix it with basmati rice.


Nothing fancy but a very yummy stir fry!



  1. nice...interesting recipe.I dont think I would have ever thought of that.

  2. Hahha..Ijebu you know..My mum is also from there..Lol
    I'm also a big fan of mushroom stirfry...luks yummy..:d

  3. I thought you had to go to Posh shops to get these mushrooms! I'd like 'em in a risotto I think.

    1. They actually aren't that expensive if you buy them full price in asda...maybe £1.50

  4. Looks delicious, I am always hunting bargains in the reduced aisles. My spring onions always from there and they last for days after the sell by date.

  5. Appetizing! I love mushrooms! :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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