Monday, 6 May 2013

Printed Trousers

Trouser/H&M; Top/Primark

Sometimes I wonder what exactly is appropriate medical student/doctor attire. This is mainly because when i'm in clinic/ on the wards in my printed trousers or bright coloured top, everyone around me is either in uniform or quite generic muted clothes. Sometimes I even have the boy questioning whether I plan on wearing that dress/skirt/jumper etc to hospital. 

I seem to have no concept on what is "suitable". I don't exactly wear low cut tops or short skirts but I suppose it's not the norm to see a doctor in a leopard print dress or a fluorescent green jumper. I would probably find it easier if we were forced to wear scrubs all the time or a suit but each morning I have to find the balance between comfort, practicality and style. 

 Anyways, I these printed trousers the other day to hospital. I have about 10 pairs now (mostly from H&M) and since I spend 85% of my waking life in hospital, it would be a shame not to ever wear them there. I just finished a rotation on rheumatology and it was the most chilled experience ever. It has definitely gone up on my list of future specialities. They have about 3/4 patients in hospital at a time compared to the 30 in other more intense specialities...easy living!



  1. I love these trousers & think they're smart enough for a doctor to wear! I'd LOVE it if my doctor was wearing an amazing outfit.

  2. You always look so effortlessly chic. The pants look well nice on you and very comfortable xx

  3. I love this outfit on you and i bet u all eyes were on you as u have mentioned.X

  4. love the print! and sometimes it better to stand out ppl get into a routine of looking dull but maybe you might inspire ppl to bring a lil colour into the hospital! you never know! xx

  5. You make been a medical student sound fun lol, love the trousers.

    Check out my latest post :

  6. I have been eying up those pants in blue for a while now! you look lovely in the red version.



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