Friday, 3 May 2013

Tapestry Jacket

Jacket/Primark; Top/Random Store; Riding Pants/H&M; Sandals/Primark

Spring is finally properly here, the sun is out, I can put away my winter coat and I can finally wear some nice sandals. The weather is definitely making me very happy despite being stuck indoors all day and just too busy to enjoy it. At least yesterday, I took time off to attend the Get The Label event...more on that later.

Way back in December, while Fikki and I were browsing through Primark we saw this tapestry jacket retailing at the time for about £30 which we just dismissed as ridiculously overpriced for Primark. Skip to two months or so ago, we spot the same jacket now on sale for £10 - and duly grabbed one each. I guess everyone else thought the same as we did - too expensive at its original price. It's such a pretty jacket and I'm even surprised myself at how luxe it looks. It looks great teamed with a simple look - my standard riding pants for this look and previously wore it with a black lace dress. I'm looking forward to see how Fikki styles it when she eventually wears hers.

Similar styles can be found at at New Look (Cream Tapestry Jacket) and Misguided (Tapestry Leather Biker)



  1. Gorgeous missy :) you already know what a fan I am of that gorgeous jacket!!!!
    Was so lovely to meet you last night and I love your blog x

    1. Was really lovely meeting you as well :)

  2. That jacket is lovely, like a dream vintage piece!

  3. I love that Jacket and the Sandals is so cute..Cant believe its Primani ..You look great hun x

  4. yes! this jacket is amaze.
    saw it too with its matching dress and skirt.


  5. You look amazing .
    I want your haaaair!!

  6. The jacket is amazing! xx

    ♡ E.

  7. I'm so jelous of your jacket is soo soo pretty and I want it! Damn you Primark!! Why don't they open one where I live : (

  8. I love this jacket it really suits you, I recently wore the dress version of this print for a show and ended up sneaking it home with me! xox

  9. Wait what??? Primark??? My oh my primark how you have stepped up your game! That jacket is pretty sick <3



Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Fikki and Lola xx

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