Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Costal Road Trip

Jacket & Top/Primark; Skirt/Vintage; Bag/Thrifted

Apologies for my lack of posting and thanks to Lola for giving the blog bursts of life in my absence. I just finished my penultimate year at med school which has been the longest academic year of my life. The last few months were more or less a blur as i spent most of it looking down a microscope. Luckily it's now over and I can finally put up all the posts i've been hoarding. So this post should probably have been uploaded in May; hence why I was wearing leather to the beach.

The boy just got his first job as a doctor so will be moving away from Manchester to live by the coast. Whilst I don't envy his new life of grafting as a hospital bitch junior doctor, I do wish I could escape city life for a few years of fresh air. So we took a road trip to check out the town, house-hunt and most importantly run up and down the sand dunes. It made me feel quite nostalgic as the day brought back memories of my time growing up in a small English seaside town.



  1. Love the photos, you look pretty! Wow, med school must be interesting. I'd love to go into that hopefully one day

  2. nice skirt!!
    love the print!!!


  3. I love love love the scenery and the skirt is so pretty :)

  4. When I saw the first photo I was thinking "Is she mad for wearing jacket in this heat" but it makes sense now. Mya was a cold month. Well done for finishing your studies and to "The Boy" for getting the job. I've lived by the seaside most of my life so I guess the novelty of it has rubbed off. In love with that skirt.


  5. love the backdrop compliments your outfit so well.


  6. This outfit is gorgeous - and the scenery there looks amazing too :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  7. you look amazing and congrats for finishing your penultimate year!

  8. Beautiful photos and I love the skirt! x

  9. oh Im glad you are back =) Enjoy your summer! I really loving this post =)

  10. Wow nice...good story .He's blessed and so are you!!!love the skirt

  11. so freaking beautiful! i love your blog

    following asap !

  12. wow i love you hair!

    kisses from italy !

    new post
    SPORTY CHIC OUTFIT ! The Fashion Factory

  13. Th skirt is perfect, it has a vintage feel but the jacket gives it an edge, and the back drop is grog! congrats to you on completing, i can imagine it was hard!!


  14. Cute skirt
    Would you like to follow each other??

  15. aww. i'm in my final year in med school. i can relate! love the skirt, i almost got something similar recently.

  16. love this outfit! That skirt is perfect x


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