Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A walk in the park

There gets to a point when you feel a bit guilty after several days of indulgence. The Boy's friend's dad (hope that makes sense) is a chef and he didn't do my weight any favours during our visit. Imagine 2/3 course dinners every night for a week, with wine and second helpings of any of these courses upon request.

One evening, after yet another delicious meal, we decided to explore the surrounding woods.


It was great to finally be burning some calories. Whilst the boys threw rocks in an attempt to cause some sort of landslide, I dawdled aimlessly behind them. A walk is always so refreshing after a filling meal...

I let the boys lead the way, so that they could walk through any spider webs first! 

After walking along up and down hill for several kilometres along dirt paths, we finally reached the stream we could hear. Time for a quick photo op!

Sunglasses/Primark; Peplum Top/Primark; Scalloped-hem Shorts/Topshop

After an unnecessarily long discussion about the velocity of the stream (science geek alert!) with our resident engineer in training , we hopped to the other side of the stream and took the long route home...


Then ended the day with more wine and drinks at a friend's pool party. C'est la vie!



  1. I love a long walk after a big meal, or any meal for that matter. It's just like you said, refreshing haha

    Love x
    When You Dream Big

  2. I love your outfit! And your week of indulgence sounds divine. I wish I could partake in those 2/3 course meals made by a chef lol. The walk was the perfect way to end a great meal :)

  3. such a lovely place! you look beautiful!

  4. I LOVE the peplum top with the scalloped shorts! So cute!

    Maya| Petite & Unique


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