Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Travel | Photo Diary | The French Riviera

This is another one of the posts that I've been hoarding. It's a few snippets from my trip to the south of France in June...Enjoy! 

Its always great to go on holiday to a place where you have a good friend you can stay with. Not only does it make the trip a whole lot cheaper, it also means that you get to experience living in that town/city/village like a 'local tourist'. A couple of months ago, I tagged along with the Boy on a trip to the south of France. We stayed with one of his friends from university and were shown life in the French Riviera, the French way. 

It was officially the start of summer so everyone was either back from university or simply just excited by the prospect of months of great weather. The week was filled with hours lounging in or beside the pool, glasses upon glasses of wine/beer and lots of amazing food. If only us Brits had the same food culture as the French. 

As well as taking in all the sites and losing count of the number of yachts and PJs ('that's what us in the know call private jets' quote from the Boy), we got to spend some time with our hosts lovely family and friends. They taught me how to play a new board game (backgammon anyone!), helped me improve my swimming (although I would still drown if thrown into a pool never mind the ocean) and even passed on a few life lessons. 

I had such an amazing time that I couldn't imagine experiencing the Riviera any other way...except maybe on a 80ft yatch.



  1. wow.. looks simply amazing, great photo's.

  2. These photos are so gorgeous! It looks like you had a lovely time :) xxx

  3. Pictures look amazing! France looks so gorgeous! So jealous!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  4. How lovely! I've only been to the south of France as a kid.. next aim in life is to go there on Roberto Cavalli's yacht. Achievable I think.

    1. That would be beyond amazing. Hope you remember to take me with you.


  5. I am stupendously jealous Fikki! Have an amaaaaaazing time! :)


    XOXO Sade

  6. It looks incredible and that blue sea makes me yearn to be there. Its great taht you got to experience like a local and not just sticking with tourist areas. If you do manage to expereince it again on an 80ft yatch, just remember me.


  7. Georgeous photos, it looks amazing!

  8. These photos are gorg. It looks incredible wish i was there x

  9. Your pictures are amazing ! I followed you via GFC, feel free to support back :)

  10. Nice pics look like you had fun:)


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