Thursday, 24 April 2014

Travel | A Weekend in East Sussex : Eastbourne

My third day in East Sussex was spent sightseeing around the picturesque villages and around Beachy head. We then went to town, strolling around the charity shops of Eastbourne which really lived up to my expectation. I except good value clothes for a reasonable price which I was given. In one of the shops, Laura and I stopped to have a chat about sustainable and ethical fashion with the ladies behind the counter and it really had me thinking about a conversation I had with Laura about the clothes we buy and the impact it has on people around the world. Many of us, myself included do not really stop to think about where exactly our clothes are from and who has had to make them for us. Although presenting a catch 22 situation due to the millions of jobs these industry creates, I would like to see a time where people are valued for the work they do. Laura has recently taken the ethical fashion pledge and if you would like more information about it, you can read all about it on her blog. Although I haven't taken a full plunge, With today being the first anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaze, I think the best start for me is to start thinking about removing fast fashion from my life and buying key pieces I can wear through-out the years.

What do you think? Is an ethical fashion pledge something you could do?



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