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Restaurant | Wagamam #WayofWagamama

There's more to Wagamama than their ever popular Katsu curry!
And even though they sell several million portions of this great dish every year, the Wagamama team are keen to have people trying other lesser known dishes on their menu with their #wayofwagamama campaign.
I have to admit that, like a lot of people, when I find something I like on a menu, I'm not usually keen on trying new things...well unless someone else is paying! So the #wayofwagamama tasting evening was a perfect way for us to be more adventurous and try a few new things.

A bag with her favourite Wagamama dish!

Awesome placemats
Prior to the evening we were asked to inform the team of our favourite Wagamama dish which would give them an idea of our favourite flavours. I chose the Firecracker whilst Lola went for the Yaki Soba.
The evening was hosted at the Wagamama Restaurant at The Printworks, Manchester. Wagamama's executive chef Steve Mangleshot and his team created a personal food journey based using our favourite dishes as a starting point. He was joined by Food Psychologist & Nutritional Therapist, Dr Christy Fergusson, who helped explain the link between our personality and favourite flavour. My love of hot and spicy foods (I'm a Firecracker girl) says I'm a bit of a thrill seeker whilst Lola's love of soy (She's a Yaki Soba lover) makes her a "super taster"!
From Firecracker to Raisukaree
So first up for me was the Duck Ramen. After having some of the best Ramen's ever on my trip to Asia this year, I have to say my expectations were very high and unfortunately this one didn't quite do it for me. The broth didn't seem to have the depth of flavour I wanted but the duck on top was fantastic and I ate it all!
The next two dishes may be competing with the Firecracker next time I eat at Wagamama. First up was the Chilli Men, noodles with an array of vegetables in a tomato based chilli sauce. Yum! It wasn't particularly hot with chilli but had just enough kick that made me love it! The final offering was the Prawn Raisukaree which had flavours very reminiscent of a thai green curry. The squeeze of lime brought the flavours in the dish to life and I have to say this was my favourite dish of the day.
From Yaki Soba to Firecracker

Lola's dishes were just as yummy. I couldn't resist a few mouthfuls of her food. She started with the Pad Thai which she loved and then also had a plate of the Chilli Men. However, just like me her, her last dish which she had never tried was her favourite. That day she also became a Firecracker convert! If you like hot food this one is for you but I have to say that personally it's the slight sweet flavour to the sauce within the dish that draws me to it.

Not quite...but I do love chilli!

Thanks to Steve and his team we both discovered a new dish which we will definitely order again at Wagamama. What is particularly interesting is that both these dishes were at the complete other end of the scale to our favourite dishes.

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  1. I absolutely love Wagamamas and I'll definitely be trying more dishes after reading this post!


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