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Travel | Zadar, Croatia

In 2011, I travelled around Croatia for about 4 weeks with friends to celebrate graduating from University and fell in love with the country and all its beautiful cities. Therefore, when the chance came to visit again with my friend Danielle, we booked tickets for a weekend in Zadar. When I was last in Zadar, we spent about 2/3 days there and it was one place I felt I had not seen enough of. As it was my second visit, here is a low down of where to stay and what to do if you ever decide to visit Zadar.

in Boutique Hostel. This came highly recommeded by various websites and is perfect for when you want abit of luxury without the huge prices. Slap bang in the middle of Zadar, we had a beautiful view of the sea and ancient artifacts in the Forum. We really could not get anything better. The hostel itself is pristine with its blue, orange and white deco and lush chill out areas.

Walk around...
 the City Forum. Within the centre of Zadar, there are various architectural beauties to view, with sites that were only discovered in the 1930's. Around this, the various churches including St. Anastasia's Cathedral and St Donatus' Church can be visited. The main Roman Forum remains, which is the largest in the eastern side of the Adratic gives you a view of the origin of this city. The best thing about it is most of the remains are not cordoned off and there are no signs asking you not to touch or sit. In the early evening, buy an ice cream and sit on the stones while you watch the sun go down. I loved the fact that these remains are an integral part of the city without any fuss or grandeur. It is definitely very easy to explore the whole city in a day so we took our time and mixed it up with a few day trips.

Chill by...
the Sea Organ and take in the spectacular view. This experimental musical object which was created by Nikola Basic plays music when the sea waves and wind hits the tubes hidden beneath the concrete. It was designed "to let people enjoy the point where urban space meets the sea on Zadar's new pier for cruisers on the end of the Old Town penisula". Sit and listen to the changing sounds depending on the size of the waves, another great place to also watch the sunset from. By the time the sun has gone down, it's time for the Sun Salutation, located next to the organ which is solar installation which lights up at night. This provided us with some entertainment when we pretended we were on the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever.

Have dinner...
at Stomorica, which is a small Konoba (once places where fishermen hung out and got other people to cook their catch) which can be easily found in the centre. Easily one of the most popular in Zadar, I visited back in 2011 and decided it was definitely a place I needed to return to for a meal. Have some local cuisine, especially the classic seafood dishes - Fish with Polenta in a tomato sauce. Stay for awhile, have a beer and listen to the locals sing beautiful songs.

Take a day trip... 
around the Kornati Islands. Having been on this tour in the high season, I was not too worried about going to the same islands. For this trip, we visited two different islands and spent majority of our time walking and exploring the island which was picked for the trip. It was nice seeing the charms of a smal island unspoilt and very peaceful. During the high season (August), most of our time was spent on one of the beaches on a small island which was known for having a high concentration of salt. So definitely plenty to do depending on when you visit during the year. Tours start from 250KN for a day trip with breakfast, lunch and drinks (including early morning shots to bless the voyage) provided.

If you have time...
visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. This extremely beautiful site is an UNESCO World Heritage site with various connecting lakes and waterfalls with widelife dotted around is a definite must see from wherever you are in Croatia. Take a tour or try and get there yourself to wander or hike around the park which takes about 4 hours. It was nice to have the opportunity to visit a world heritage site which is something you do not really get to do everyday.

Although not a definite list of things to do in this great city in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, it gives you an idea of what can be done on a long weekend. There are other places I would have liked to go to i.e. The Garden lounge bar which everyone raves about did not open until after Easter for the high season. Pag is also a few hours drive from the city which is known for its huge seafront clubs akin to Ibiza's. It was a very relaxing weekend for me and I have a few other cities I would like to see again. 

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  1. I am dying with the urge to go back. I think about Croatia all the time and that evening watching the sunset with the noise of the sea organ is one of my favourite travel memories ever. I can't believe you went back without meeeee!!!! It looks every bit as beautiful as when we went.

    Chambray & Curls /

    1. We need to return together next! Our original holiday there was like the best month ever. I have a few places on my mind I would love to return to e.g. Hvar. It would be so nice xx

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, definitely recommend a visit :)

  3. Hope you enjoy your vacation :)

  4. This is such a lovely place ! I wish I could go back to Croatia !

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  5. OMGosh, how dreamy! I'd love to visit one day.

    Tara x

  6. ooh it looks like such amazing place!

    from helen at

  7. I am struck with wanderlust! What lovely pictures! xx


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