Thursday, 10 July 2014

What We Wore | Zara: Embroided Sleeves

Top/Zara, Skirt/Primark, Sandals/Office, Rings/H&M

In order to avoid paying to store all my belongings in the interim between uni and work, I have carefully distributed all my things between the houses of my lovely friends in Manchester. So in the meantime, I am sofa hopping and living out of a suitcase, which is helping me save a bit of cash. I look forward to telling my kids about that brief moment when "mummy was homeless and only had a few pennies to her name" - slight exaggeration but who cares...

So, having a limited wardrobe and living out of a suitcase means that I get to pair things that I never would have as its such a fuss finding the right thing when all your clothes are in a jumbled mess. However, I love the combo of the pink and black which I wore to run errands the other day. PS its awesome to have Lola around to take photos hence why I'm blogging again.

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  1. the skirt is such a beaut colours sets off the embroidered sleeve perfectly x

  2. This outfit is so cute ! Love the skirt on you ! Nice ring too !


  3. the skirt just stands out so nicely and perfect with the sleeves. good choice! x

  4. for someone living out of a suitcase you look so put together! I love the skirt so bright and summery.



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