Thursday, 24 July 2014

What We Wore | Yellow Asos Cami and White Perforated Primark Skirt

The boy recently took me on a trip to Florence and we stopped in Pisa for a day to experience the city and obviously take a few obligatory leaning tower photos. Check out an upcoming travel post on my trip.

Good planning meant that we avoided the forecasted showers and were able to enjoy the sunshine and the 30+ degree heat. Luckily I packed a suitcase of appropriate clothes and shoved a roll-up parka in my bag everyday for good measure.

After losing a few of these type of camis in my mothers washing machine, she's had it for 10+ years and refuses to change it even though it ruins clothes, I bought this one along with a few other colours on ASOS. I always like to see everything a store has to offer before choosing what to buy and due to the volume of items on ASOS, I rarely shop on the site. But when I need something specific, like a few camis, it's a good choice especially because of the added bonus of a student card (which has now expired...bye bye discount shopping).

Please excuse the faux-engagement ring - The boy mentioned that a friend and his girlfriend managed to get a few freebies on holiday as she was wearing a cheap ebay version. So I was hoping to try my luck in Italy but never did :-(

These shots were taken on the steps of the Baptistery in Pisa.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Food | Moretti Gran Tour - Birra Moretti Event, Old Granada Studios, Manchester

Travelling and eating are perhaps two of our favourite pastimes. So we were both delighted when we got invitations to the Moretti Gran Tour hosted by Birra Moretti. Since I only just got back from a recent trip to Florence with the boy, I couldn't wait to revisit some of the wonderful flavours of Italian cuisine. Secondly, it gave me something different and fun to do on my birthday! 

So after a 4 hour drive back up to Manchester from Kent and a quick power nap, I headed down to the Old Granada Studios in Manchester to meet up with Lola and our bestie, Kerry.

The Moretti Gran Tour is a pop up street food event that will be showcasing the best of the UK's Italian street food vendors serving exciting pastas, tasty pizza and refreshing gelato! All whilst listening to music provided by Warehouse Project resident DJs and sipping on a cool pint of Birra Moretti beer. 

On arrival we were given a map to guide us through the tour. It listed the vendors, what they had on offer and which region they represented. The Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash with speck by the Cooking Cooks sounded scrumptious!


Thursday, 10 July 2014

What We Wore | Zara: Embroided Sleeves

Top/Zara, Skirt/Primark, Sandals/Office, Rings/H&M

In order to avoid paying to store all my belongings in the interim between uni and work, I have carefully distributed all my things between the houses of my lovely friends in Manchester. So in the meantime, I am sofa hopping and living out of a suitcase, which is helping me save a bit of cash. I look forward to telling my kids about that brief moment when "mummy was homeless and only had a few pennies to her name" - slight exaggeration but who cares...

So, having a limited wardrobe and living out of a suitcase means that I get to pair things that I never would have as its such a fuss finding the right thing when all your clothes are in a jumbled mess. However, I love the combo of the pink and black which I wore to run errands the other day. PS its awesome to have Lola around to take photos hence why I'm blogging again.

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Travel | Edinburgh, Scotland

The only other country I have been to in the United Kingdom is Scotland and Edinburgh is the only place I have visited in Scotland - four times in the last 3 years! Bear in mind the only other places I have been to this often in the UK are Manchester (where I live) and Kent/London (where my family home is).

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