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Travel | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Way back in March, Fikki and I along with some other friends went to Amsterdam for a long weekend. The trip was planned as a very lovely 25th birthday surprise for me. I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam for as long as I can remember and at one point was planning a birthday trip there which flopped. I guess my friends all got tired of me talking about Amsterdam all the time.

Getting to the city and travelling to our hotel was quite eventful. As soon as we go there, there was a power cut in the north of the Netherlands including Amsterdam! We got to the airport thinking it was pretty dark and dingy only to realise we had entered chaos. This meant all the trams and trains were down and the only mode of transport was bus. After realising that queueing is definitely a British thing, we made to our hotel and found a small restaurant that would do us some quick food without the use of too much power. So what would Fikki and I recommend about Amsterdam for a long weekend trip?

Stay in...
Citizen M. I am starting to have a love affair with small boutique hotels at affordable prices. For £100 per room a night, we stayed in this lush Scandi design hotel. It was located a short walk from Amsterdam Zuid station with quick transport links into the centre of the town. Each room came with an XL king sized bed and a moodpad which controlled the electrics, tv, temperature, wake up alarm, and colour lighting. It was quite fun playing around with the device and checking out what it could do. 

Although, some would say it is cramped, I appreciated the use of space in the rooms to create a lively atmosphere. The lounging area was full of modern art, books and quirky furniture designs. This is definitely a hotel I would stay in again. If hotels are not your thing, there are so many apartments on Airbnb which we both always highly recommend. Due to the fact that there was eight of us on this trip, there was nothing that really fit our fussy specifications.

For Nightlife...
Head down to Rembrandtplein, a mahor square with great bars and clubs. and if you really want to listen to electronic music then go to Studio 80 located in Rembrandtplein. As it was my birthday trip, I choose this and we all had an amazing time in this dingy yet amazing space.  
One thing Fikki and I both found it so strange that we had to pay for the toilet. 50 cents for a go or £2.50 euros for unlimited use of the toilet! Great marketing strategy or a Dutch thing? I haven't a clue.

Wander around...
Joordan and the Nine Streets, the Red Light District, Oud West and De Pijp.
There is a lot to see in Amsterdam and during the day, we decided to just wander around the streets and canals to get a full view of the city. We passed through the markets and shops, bought so much cheese and had some great food along the way.

Visit a few museums and galleries...
No trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to a few of the many museums and galleries in Amsterdam (although, there is certainly a thing as too many). For our trip, we decided to go to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank Hauis. These are definitely worth the visit and more than enough if you are only visiting for a few days. However, I would say that to get the best out of your trip, it is a must to book your tickets before you turn up. Although you can purchase them at the door, the queues are so long. We visited on a windy weekend in the middle in March and stood in the rain and wind for 3 hours waiting to get into Anne Frank. It was worth the wait but the cold is something I will never want to experience ever again!

We both had such a great time in Amsterdam. It's a city best for a long weekend break with friends and was such a great way to bond and make memories. Cheesy, we know.

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