Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Event | Manchester | Back To The Ball Pit

I am a bit of a science geek so I was really gutted that I wasn't able to go to many of the Manchester Science Festival events this year due to work and general life commitments. I did however manage to go to one of the festival's highlights on the last day of its almost 2 week run - Jump In!

Remember the euphoria you experienced as a child playing in a ball pit? Well this art installation, inspired by playful snowy scenes, allowed visitors to re-experience this feeling which many may have long forgotten.

My new housemate (RIP Lola....jokes jokes!) recommended that the boy and I take a trip down to Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester as she had an incredible time at the installation earlier in the week. So after my night shift, i rushed home, showered swapped my scrubs for some civvies and headed down to MOSI to check out Jump In - the over 18s ball pool.

Whilst the museum is free to visit, we plan on going there again soon to visit the other non-science festival exhibitions, entry to the Jump In installation was £5. We signed a waiver (re: back pain, injuries, loss of...can't remember), paid the fee, took off our shoes and made our way to an inviting pool of 81,000 balls.

I literally felt as if I was 5 again. I laughed, cried and screamed for nearly 40 minutes. We were the first lot of people to arrive so fortunately got longer than the allocated 20 minute slot with fewer people around. At one time we were sharing the pool with just one other couple.
This was an incredible experience which I really hope that it is reinstalled next year, so those who missed out this year can get the chance to immerse themselves in it.


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  1. This genuinely brought a smile to my face
    You look like utter glee personified
    Sure takes me back to childhood, for real lol

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com


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