Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What We Wore | Tropic Vacationer

As you may or may not know, I have been in Lagos, Nigeria since the end of October. I am originally from Nigeria and lived there till I was about 13. I recently decided that it would be nice if I experienced life and work there for a minimum of a year. Plus, I know it will give me a chance to actually think about if I want to spend the rest of my working life in the legal industry. It definitely is a blessing to be able to actually have the time to be able to up quit my job and move to another country. I know that ideally I want to work in journalism and focus more on photography and I am glad to have the sort of family that will support those ambitions. I have already begun to test new stuff on my Instagram page - @lolapastimebliss and I have launched my new blog called I See You Lagos which is specifically about tourism and photography in Lagos. Rather than just staying in Lagos, I have already had the chance to travel outside of Lagos to Kwara State and Osun State and taken some stunning shots. So far, it has been a challenging yet eye opening time here. There are so many things I miss, the food, TV, internet, and all of life’s little conveniences. But those things are so little compared to what I hope I will gain here after a year.


So, the outfit – Every time my mum is in London, we take a trip to Stratford to the Asian shops were fabric is sold. There we can get 5 yards of fabric for £5 in certain shops. My mum and I pick whatever we can get our hands on, take it back to Nigeria and get our seamstress to sew whatever we like. I have worn a few things I have had sewn on the blog in the past. For this, I wanted something simple that could have me covered up from mosquitoes and insects whilst in the countryside whilst having it light and airy. I decided I wanted in the outfit in the iro and buba style. For my non-Nigerians, this is basically a top with a piece of fabric for the skirt which you tie around yourself. This can be wrapped around as normal or as I have done it in a tulip style. This really reminds me of resort collections you see on the runways with its bright colours and flowing style. It says, yes I am a tropic vacationer.



  1. I'm thinking of moving to lagos for a bit too, but I keep overthinking it. Hope you have a great time there and I look forward to reading your posts on your new blog x

  2. I kept overthinking it as well, but no matter how long you decide to stay if you take the plunge, it is a great experience. I think mine has been so far x

  3. this iro and buba slays - the pattern!


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