Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Event | Patron + Botanist | Cocktails in the City | Manchester

After having the pleasure of attending the press preview event for Cocktails in the City in Manchester, I was invited to attend the real event on its opening night by Patrón.

I doubt that there is anyone out there who drinks alcohol and is not familiar with Patrón. And for those who don't drink alcohol, they would have heard a shout out to the brand in several Hip Hop and R&B songs!

Patrón is the holy grail of tequila! The premium tequila brand is partly responsible for taking tequila from a drink you shot at house party's and bars to get slithered to a spirit that can hold its place next to rum and vodka in cocktails that grace the menus of high end bars and restaurants.

I discovered my love for tequila on a holiday to Cancun with my girls during my 2nd year of university but I have fallen head over heels for Patrón since the release of the Patrón XO Cafe Liqueur. That stuff is delicious and someone I know *cough* Lola *cough* has been known to drink it out of the bottle with a straw. Please don't recreate at home. Drink Responsibly!

So back to the Event...

I headed down to the event with one of out besties, who may also possibly be the best blog photographer i know. I have to thank him for the photos included in the blog which were all taken with his new Samsung phone. I may have to leave Apple behind because the image quality on his phone is unreal!

Patrón paired up with the Botanist for the event and in my opinion this was a match made in heaven. Their use of fresh herbs in cocktails makes the Botanist one of my favourite bars in Manchester. If you ever get a chance to go, try the Watermelon and Sage Sling...delicious!!!

At the Cocktails in the City event, the two brands brought the freshness of the outdoors to the decor and the drinks created specifically for the event. The ginger and oregano crush was so good I had to get two. 

They also brought along a virtual reality headset which felt unreal especially after a few cocktails. It took you through 'The Hacienda' in Mexico, the home of Patrón Tequila, showing how Patrón is made from the Weber Blue Agave plant. 

One of the beautiful floral Patrón installations at the event.

Unknowingly dressed in Zara to match the garden theme of the Botanist + Patrón. 

So before heading home, as we sadly both had work tomorrow, we checked out the rest of the event. Had a cheeky burger, a cocktail in a plastic bag (all the rage darhling!) and enjoyed the music and atmosphere. For a thursday evening the event was busier than I expected but I guess it was sold out. An all round good evening and I cant wait for next year already!


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