Saturday, 12 March 2016

Restaurant | A culinary tour of "Italian" Manchester with Bella Italia

2016 marks a landmark for Bella Italia in Manchester. The popular italian chain restaurant have been serving diners in the city for 15 years and invited a few bloggers and journos to their restaurants to try some of the food on their menu whilst learning a thing or two about the italian history of Manchester.

We started our journey at the Arndale restaurant. The team at Bella Italia have revamped their menu in recent years using ingredients sourced directly from Italy for many of the dishes served at their restaurants. The sharing platters we were served perfectly highlights this. The cured meats on their calabrese antipasto board includes cured meats from the San Vincenzo family from Calabria (famous for their Nduja spicy salami) which was absolutely delicious paired with sundried tomatoes and Buffalo bocconcini mozzarella balls.

A selection of starters

How about a “Penny Lick”? 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Moving to a New Country/City - How To Survive and Enjoy It All

Last October, I moved to Lagos, Nigeria and plan to be here for a minimum of a year. My mum moved back for a while so it has been nice to live with her and enjoy the city. Moving to a different country can be quite daunting and it can be very difficult to deal with the changes. I lived in Lagos till I was 13 and moved away. This is my first time living in the country for quite a while. I would return for holidays at Christmas for two weeks but holidays are not the same as staying in the country semi permanently. So, although the place seemed familiar to be, it still seemed quite alien and a place that was not quite mine. So far, it has been a really interesting journey full of self discovery and fun. In the short time I have been here, I have learnt a few things. How am I getting through it all without wanting to quit and run back to comfort?

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